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Information in plain language at a confusing and stressful time can be of great help to patients and their friends and families both during and after a stay in the ICU. Here are ICU Management’s selection:   

My ICU care - Society for Critical Care Medicine
Includes information on decision making, participating in care, what questions to ask, why patients look that way (with a diagram of what each tube and line is for), choices for life support and taking care of yourself while a loved one is in the ICU.

NHS choices - intensive care
Looks at what is is, who needs it, visiting, equipment and recovery.

Website of an intensive care patient support charity, which supports those who have been affected by critical illness, and includes a patient community forum. The booklet “Intensive care: a guide for patients and relatives” is available to download from their website in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Norwegian, Polish, Punjabi, Spanish, Swedish and Urdu.

Intensive care: experiences of family & friends
Videos of people’s experiences of visiting, keeping a diary, receiving information from doctors, recovery and adjusting to a changed life. Also has section on patients’ experiences.

ICU Delirium
Includes video testimonials on memories from the ICU, recommendations for patients, loved ones and providers, physical impairment following critical illness, outcome after ICU stay and long-term neuropsychological dysfunction.

Intensive Care Foundation (UK)
Information for patients and relatives, including patient stories and booklets on “Your stay in intensive care”, “General information for patients and relatives” and “Discharge from intensive care.”

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Published on : Tue, 9 Jun 2015

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