MAQUET Launches SERVO-U™, the New Intuitive Platform for Ventilation in Critical Care

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New Intuitive Modular Platform Enhances User Confidence to Tailor Treatments to Individual Patient Conditions. SERVO-U is the Next Step Forward in Making Protective ventilation more accessible, understandable and easy to implement.

Paris, France, ESICM (European Society of Intensive Care Medicine) Congress – October 7th, 2013 – MAQUET Critical Care today announced the availability of its new intensive care ventilator SERVO-U, delivering the New Power of You, at this year’s ESICM Congress in Paris. The new ventilator is the result of a unique development process based on large-scale collaboration with a high number of intensive care experts from around the world. The launch of SERVO-U is a once in a decade event marking the latest advancement in MAQUET’s longstanding SERVO® legacy of leadership in mechanical ventilation and innovation.

The completely new modular SERVO-U ventilator platform assists users to work more efficiently in the fast paced environment of intensive care units. This is achieved by means such as context based guidance, user-friendly therapeutic workflows and monitoring of outcome related values to support the use of the ARDS Net strategy and NAVA® (Neurally Adjusted Ventilatory Assist).

“We are proud to be able to offer a unique product with SERVO-U that combines the best of the SERVO heritage with significant new advances in user-friendliness,” said Dr. Jens Viebke, President, Maquet Critical Care AB. “With SERVO-U our customers will be empowered to utilize more of the ventilator in providing protective ventilation. At the same time it is a secure investment.”

What makes SERVO-U such an outstanding product is the fact that MAQUET has taken its tradition of involving intensive care users in the development of the product to another level. Never before has such an extensive amount of users from intensive care units around the world been involved to such high degree at all stages of the development process.

The primary foundation of SERVO-U’s user-friendliness is its completely touch-based interface, which empowers users to manage ventilation in a highly intuitive, straight-forward and timesaving manner.

“The touch screen interface is key in making patient treatment as flexible, fast and efficient as possible,” said Dr. Viebke. “Dynamic images and visual feedback boost the user’s confidence to help tailor treatments to the patient condition. We believe that once our customers have tried SERVO-U, they will never look at life supporting ventilation in the same way again.”

Apart from the benefits that SERVO-U brings to patients and clinicians alike, it is designed to grow with the customer. When patient needs change or new functionalities become available, SERVO-U can easily and cost-effectively be upgraded.

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Source: Maquet Critical Care AB

All images courtesy of Maquet Critical Care AB

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Published on : Mon, 7 Oct 2013

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mechanical ventilation, ESICM 2013, Maquet, NAVA New Intuitive Modular Platform Enhances User Confidence to Tailor Treatments to Individual Patient Conditions. SERVO-U is the Next Step Forward in Making P

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