The 43rd International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (ISICEM) opened today in Brussels. The Congress will feature over 600 presentations in the next four days, covering a wide array of topics and providing valuable insights to contribute to the mission of advancing critical care worldwide.



As highlighted during the opening ceremony, ISICEM is a testament to the dedication of its scientific advisors, the hard work of the support team, and the support of its sponsors and exhibitors. Throughout the next four days, sessions will explore the latest findings and expert opinions and provide participants with the opportunity to connect and exchange ideas.


In critical care and emergency medicine, each decision can significantly impact patient lives. That is why there is a need to blend scientific rigour with technological innovation, ensure constant learning and adaptability, and provide care with compassion and empathy. 


The opening ceremony also highlighted how Artificial intelligence is geared to change the landscape of critical care and how it presents both excitement and challenges. Discussions on its role in patient care and the ethical considerations surrounding its implementation will be an important feature this year. Expert speakers will also address issues such as the environmental impact of intensive care and the need for sustainability.



ISICEM 2024 has participants from over 80 countries. The Training Village has been expanded, offering hands-on experience and simulations facilitated by experts. 


ICU Management & Practice will cover important sessions and provide regular updates as and when they happen. We wish everyone a great experience in Brussels this year! 


Source: ISICEM Opening Ceremony
Image Credit: ISICEM 


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