ESICM 2015: Intensivists Care for Lives!

ESICM LIVES 2015: Intensivists Care for Lives!
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European Society of Intensive Care Medicine President Daniel De Backer tonight  welcomed delegates to Berlin to the 28th Annual Congress. With the motto “Intensivists Care for Lives!” De Backer said he looked forward to seeing this on the congress bags in Berlin and back home. " A common goal unites us that cannot be forgotten, we strive to save more good quality lives", he said.

De Backer applauded the achievements of ESICM in membership, NEXT, education, research and the ICM journal. The Society has 8000 members, with strengthened ties with national societies and increased membership benefits.

NEXT, the network of ESICM's trainees and young specialists has introduced fellowship, a mentoring programme and a young lecturer’s award. ICE-Mentoring begins in October with 28 mentors and 53 mentees.

ESICM’s educational programme continues to grow. The Society started to offer webinars this year, and the ESICM academy, an e-learning platform will be launched in 2016.The European Board of Intensive Care Medicine’s common training framework, a core curriculum of multidisciplinary intensive care medicine was adopted by the UEMS Council in October 2015. The European Diploma in Intensive Care has now been taken by 1172 candidates from over 50 countries. With a 53% success rate more preparation courses are being made available. The European Diploma in EchoCardiography is being launched in Berlin.

Research highlights have included  publication of the results of the FENICE (Fluid challenges in intensive care) and IMPRESS  (International Multicentre PREvalence Study on Sepsis) trials. The European Resuscitation Council and ESICM guidelines for post-resuscitation care will be released on 15 October - in Intensive Care Medicine and in Circulation. A Society of Critical Care Medicine and ESICM Task Force is deliberating on a new definition of sepsis, and this is expected in February 2016. A new task force on guidelines for fluid administration in limited resource settings is also starting work.

In recognition of the ongoing migrant/refugee crisis in Europe the next issue of Intensive Care Medicine will include papers on addressing the crisis, public health, infections as well ethical issues.

At the opening ceremony honorary membership was awarded to four leading intensivists - Derek Angus, Johan Groeneveld, John Marini and Konrad Reinhart. Andrew Rhodes was presented with the Society Medal.

Claire Pillar
Managing editor, ICU Management

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Published on : Sun, 4 Oct 2015

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