Dr. Paul Wischmeyer earns prestigious FASPEN award

Dr. Paul Wischmeyer earns prestigious FASPEN award
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The American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN) has elected Duke Anesthesiology’s Paul Wischmeyer, MD, an honorary fellow. The FASPEN award is one of ASPEN’s highest honors as a society. It recognizes Dr. Wischmeyer’s exceptional achievement in practice and his research contributions to the clinical nutrition field, as well as his commitments and contributions to the society.


“I am truly honored to receive the FASPEN designation as it reflects the fruition of many years of research work and clinical program development to improve the nutrition care of our perioperative and ICU patients,” says Dr. Wischmeyer, professor of anesthesiology. “The opportunity to grow this work and develop truly novel and innovative nutrition and metabolism clinical pathways and research initiatives at Duke is a significant reason why I joined Duke Anesthesiology.”


He adds that the FASPEN award demonstrates the recognition of the vision of Duke University and Duke Anesthesiology’s leadership in creating cutting-edge programs that can lead the way into the future and transform patient care. “We dream of a day when no malnourished patient will ever have surgery again without nutrition screening and nutrition intervention to train and optimize them for the ‘marathon’ of their life!”


The FASPEN honor will be awarded March 23 – 26 at the ASPEN 2019 Nutrition Science & Practice Conference in Phoenix. Dr. Wischmeyer currently serves as the associate vice chair for clinical research within Duke Anesthesiology and the director of the TPN/Nutrition Support Team at Duke University Hospital. He is also the director of perioperative research for the Duke Clinical Research Institute.


Source: Duke Anesthesiology - Duke University School of Medicine


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Published on : Thu, 28 Mar 2019

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