63rd SIN National Congress 2022

63rd SIN National Congress 2022




 5th  to 8th  of October in Rimini - Aferetica Booth a symposium where Dr Castellano (Milano) will present “Nuovi biomarker per la diagnosi delle Overwhelming inflammation diseases”



Filippo Aucella (San Giovanni Rotondo),
Marina Di Luca (Pesaro)

• New biomarkers for diagnosis
  of Overwhelming inflammation diseases
  Giuseppe Castellano (Milan)
• Extracorporeal therapies in Liver Failure
  Ivano Riva (Bergamo)
• Extracorporeal therapies in sepsis
  Vincenzo Cantaluppi (Novara)
• Discussion




The 2022 nephrology congress seeks to systematically address the most relevant and touch issues that cross the branch both in operational and professional terms and in cultural and scientific terms, entrusting the task largely to the new generations. This is the mandate and the declared objective and also the point of verification on which we want to compare. Due to its nature as a moment of synthesis of the various souls of nephrology, the congress event proposes an approach according to the three fundamental reference lines of Nephrology, the component linked more specifically to the primary and secondary pathologies involving the kidney, not separated from the histopathological and instrumental diagnostics,

From a concrete point of view, this post-covid (or late-covid) era gives nephrology an incredible series of opportunities that arise from the almost weekly proliferation of therapeutic options and medical promises that significantly and constantly modify decision making and bring the guidelines that, after a few years from their issue, often appear to be outdated or not related to clinical practice, are increasingly being discussed. In this context in which the progress of information evolves in such a convulsive manner, in our opinion, scientific promulgation and periodic updating mediated by scientific societies are of great importance. The latter is a fundamental trajectory of the research-scientific verification-clinical application trajectory which of necessity must be based on evidence and on dialectical verifications so that it can become productive and balanced in its operational consequences. I do not think it is useful to enter specifically with a focus on some aspect of the program that may emerge on the others, as the whole program is a mixing of proposals that want to create a vibrant dialogue between specialists who deal with the various specializations and hyper-specializations of nephrology, leading to a cultural exchange and a mutual updating. The reading of the program with its specific articulations is proof of this. So, all that remains is to participate.

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