Nova Biomedical announces the U.S. launch of our New Generation StatStrip Glucose Hospital Meter System. The new meter includes many features that make hospital glucose testing easier and more cybersecure while retaining the accuracy, freedom from interferences, and FDA clearance for use with critically ill patients that StatStrip has provided for the last decade.


The new StatStrip meter uses the same proven test strip that is still the only FDA-cleared test strip for glucose testing of critically ill patients. Over 200 clinical studies have been published confirming StatStrip’s accurate results with no interference from drugs (over 8,000 medications tested) or physiological conditions commonly found in patients in intensive care settings with complex medical conditions and drug regimens.


Important new meter features provide easier and more secure bedside glucose testing:


  • Linux® operating system with enhanced cybersecurity
  • Wireless charging
  • RFID data entry
  • Rugged external meter casing
  • Sealed battery casing
  • Cleaning and disinfection clearance for Clorox Bleach and Super-Sani Wipes
  • Hematocrit range extended to 5% - 75%

Nova chose to move to Linux OS for its next-generation meter operating system due to its enhanced security against viruses and other malware. Wireless meter charging provides faster, easier, and safer meter charging in a smaller package. The battery is charged in the meter’s sealed compartment, and the charger automatically shuts off when the meter is fully charged. StatStrip users can now easily enter operator ID and patient ID using RFID, an illuminated barcode scanner, or touchscreen keyboard entry. To meet the challenges of occasional rough meter use and repeated exposure to harsh disinfecting agents, StatStrip’s new meter casing uses a unique soft-touch over-molding material.


“We are proud to now offer our StatStrip New Generation platform for glucose testing,” said Rick Rollins, StatStrip Product Manager. “The new meter gives current StatStrip users and non- users a clear upgrade for easier hospital glucose testing while ensuring accurate, interference- free, and safe use with critically ill patients.”


Source & Image Credit: Nova Biomedical


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