Vitaly Herasevich is a Consultant and Professor of Anesthesiology and Medicine in the Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine, Division of Critical Care, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota. He has been involved in medical informatics for over 20 years, specifically focusing on applied clinical informatics in critical care and the science of healthcare delivery.


Prof Herasevich codirects the Clinical Informatics in Intensive Care Laboratory at Mayo Clinic. This hospital-based lab is a computerised resource that engages in activities including the initial design and development of informatics tools through rigorous evaluation, practice implementation and measurement of the impact of the developed systems. The lab team’s ultimate goal is to discover new digital tools to assist front-line healthcare professionals that positively impact clinical practice. The Acute Care Multi-Patient (AMP) Viewer system developed in the lab monitors almost 2,000 hospitalised patients across all Mayo Clinic locations.


Prof Herasevich is interested in studying and developing clinical syndromic surveillance alerting systems (“sniffers”), clinical data visualisation (novel patient-centred EMR), and complex data warehousing for healthcare predictive and prescriptive analytics, as well as outcome reporting. He is co-inventor of several technologies, including the Ambient Warning and Response Evaluation (AWARE) System, which improved compliance with best practices using a new electronic medical record (EMR) interface with built-in tools for error prevention, practice surveillance and reporting. 


Prof Herasevich is the author of the book Health Information Evaluation. He has also coauthored 120 articles, developed curriculums and teaches clinical informatics to medical students, residents, and fellows at the Mayo Medical School and Mayo Graduate School. He is a Fellow of the Society of Critical Care Medicine and is active within informatics and professional societies, serving on several committees. He is also a part-time CMIO of Ambient Clinical Analytics ( His current research is centred on enhancing patient safety and effective practice through virtual care. This is accomplished using wearable sensors and computer vision monitoring to augment traditional EMR.


The ICU Management & Practice team welcomes Prof Herasevich to its Editorial Board and looks forward to a successful collaboration. 

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