Vaccines Provide Everyone a Chance to Live a Fulfilling Life

Vaccines Provide Everyone a Chance to Live a Fulfilling Life

The World Health Organization (WHO) will focus on the theme of ‘Long Life for All’ for World Immunization Week, 24-30 April 2022. The goal is to bring people to understand that vaccines let us to pursue our dreams, protect our loved ones, and make it possible for us to live a long & healthy life.


Every April, World Immunization Week brings people from all over the world together to emphasise the importance of vaccines and how they prevent people of all ages from a variety of diseases, allowing us to live a full life.


Vaccines have been used to keep people healthy for almost two centuries, from the first vaccination developed against smallpox to the most recent vaccines used to prevent severe illness from COVID-19.  

Hence, vaccines have long been trusted by families and communities to protect their loved ones. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted key health services, including routine immunisation, putting back progress by more than a decade. This year's campaign comes at a particularly important time. Sadly, millions of individuals are still missing out on the life-saving benefits of vaccines, necessitating immediate action to catch up and reach those who have been missed.


Thanks to Vaccines.. 

Generations of people can thrive

Since the first smallpox vaccination was developed in 1796, the world has witnessed an unprecedented influence on health and well-being. For generations, people all over the world have been getting vaccinated, which has resulted in the eradication of smallpox and a significant reduction in wild polio infections.


Because of vaccines, parents no longer have to worry about their children contracting fatal diseases that once plagued previous generations. Over 1.1 billion children have been immunised over the last two decades, saving 4-5 million lives each year and helping to cut child mortality in half.


We’re making vital progress against today’s biggest health challenges; we must ensure everyone, everywhere can benefit

These life-saving techniques, however, are not available to everyone. In 2020, about 23 million children may have missed out on fundamental immunisations, the greatest number since 2009. This is unfair, leaves us all at risk, and increases the importance of catch-up campaigns. Everyone, regardless of who they are or where they live, deserves the opportunity to live a healthy and happy life.


Tomorrow’s generation will have a brighter and healthier future

We're getting closer to a world free of disease outbreaks and epidemics for future generations. Investing in transformational technology and innovation allows scientists to create new vaccines faster and enhance existing ones.


Vaccines allow everyone to attain their greatest potential and enjoy a happy, healthy life. They give us hope for a healthier, more fulfilled life, which is something we should all be striving for.


Source: WHOWorld Immunization Week

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Published on : Mon, 25 Apr 2022

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WHO, World Immunization Week, Vaccines, COVID-19 The World Health Organization (WHO) will focus on the theme of ‘Long Life for All’ for World Immunization Week, 24-30 April 2022.

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