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World Patient Safety Day 2022: Learning about Medication Errors

2022 05 Sep

Medication error has been defined as “a reduction in the probability of treatment being timely and effective, or an increase in the risk of harm relating to medicines and prescribing compared with generally accepted practice” (WHO, 2016; 4). Serious medication errors lead to undesirable outcomes, including but not limited to poor quality of life,... Read more


World Sepsis Day - Making Sepsis a National and Global Health Priority

2022 05 Sep

World Sepsis Day was inaugurated exactly ten years ago and, since then, has made great progress in the fight against sepsis. Sepsis awareness has increased across the globe. However, sepsis still accounts for approximately 11 million lives lost every year around the world. This does not include millions of deaths by viral sepsis due to COVID-19. ... Read more

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WHO Report: Record Decline in Childhood Vaccinations

2022 19 Jul

Official data published this week by the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF show the largest sustained decline in childhood vaccinations in approximately 30 years.  The number of children receiving three doses of the vaccine against diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (DTP3) has decreased by 5 percentage points between 2019 and 2021 to 81%.... Read more

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Monkeypox Spreads Around the World

2022 21 May

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) in a statement on Friday, they confirmed over 80 cases of monkeypox in 11 countries. The outbreaks are occurring in countries where monkeypox is not endemic, which has raised concern. In Europe, cases have been observed in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the UK. Cases have... Read more

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Vaccines Provide Everyone a Chance to Live a Fulfilling Life

2022 25 Apr

The World Health Organization (WHO) will focus on the theme of ‘Long Life for All’ for World Immunization Week, 24-30 April 2022. The goal is to bring people to understand that vaccines let us to pursue our dreams, protect our loved ones, and make it possible for us to live a long & healthy life.   Every April, World Immunization Week brings people fr Read more

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Optimizing Patient Blood Management: The Role of the Laboratory

2022 20 Jan

SPEAKER Cecilia Scarponi Clinical Liaison for EMEA, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Read more

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World Patient Safety Day 2021

2021 16 Sep

World Patient Safety Day is an official WHO campaign for all healthcare system stakeholders to unite and improve patient safety globally. The 72nd World Health Assembly (May 2019), representing all 194 WHO member states, established World Patient Safety Day through resolution WHA72.6 to boost patient safety comprehension, increase public engagement... Read more

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No Country is ‘Out of the Woods' Yet, WHO Cautions about Pandemic

2021 26 May

While overall COVID-19 cases and deaths have fallen worldwide over the past few weeks, the threat from the now 18-month pandemic has not passed and the world remains in a dangerous situation, according to the director-general of the World Health Organization. "No country should assume it is out of the woods, no matter its vaccination rate,"... Read more