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Cardiology Management

#ESCCongress: Vaccines Against Respiratory Infections Reduce Heart Failure Deaths

2020 29 Aug

According to new findings presented at the ESC Congress 2020, influenza and pneumonia vaccinations are associated with fewer hospital deaths in heart failure patients.  Approximately 26 million people are affected with heart failure worldwide. It is estimated that one out of five individuals will develop heart failure in their lifetime. Heart failure... Read more

Health Management

Traversing the Unknown Frontlines - COVID-19 from a Resource Limited East African Setting

2020 03 Aug

The purpose of this article is to provide frontline clinical and operational experiences in East Africa in the management of the COVID-19 storm – specifically within the dialysis setting – leading to best-in-class patient outcomes. Key Points Introduction to COVID-19 globally and locally. Effective means of rapid response,... Read more

Executive Health Management

Top Target Treatments infographic

2019 22 May

Top target treatments and application of personalised medicine in healthcare Read more