COVID-19: We Want to Hear From You

COVID-19: We Want to Hear From You
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For the past two months, have been covering the appearance of SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes COVID-19.


Our editorial team have brought you the latest news on how healthcare is dealing with COVID-19 across Executive Management, Cardiology, HIT and Imaging. We’ve looked at diagnosis methods as researchers release them, treatment methods, and team management at a time when healthcare is facing pressures it hasn’t faced in decades.


Now we want to hear from you.


Wherever you are in the healthcare spectrum, we want to hear about best practices. We plan to publish first-hand, frontline insights from our readers to share with our community.


Our question is:


Can you give examples of efficient COVID-19 measures in your hospital?


If you’d like to share your comments, please email [email protected].


You can deliver comments in full or as a few words. No comment is too small. Please provide your name and professional details. However, if you wish your comments to be published anonymously, we will respect that.


Many in healthcare have not experienced such a pandemic before and the more we share best practices for both staff and patients, the more we will learn and get through this crisis.


Thank you, Editorial Team

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Published on : Wed, 25 Mar 2020

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