COCIR Launches Report on Financial Sustainability of Healthcare Systems

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COCIR has launched its report ‘Fostering Financial Sustainability of Healthcare Systems in Europe’ at a workshop yesterday in Brussels co-organised by COCIR and the European Hospital and Healthcare Federation (HOPE).

The report outlines the current challenges facing European healthcare systems and demonstrates how innovative health technologies can help in the delivery of high-quality, efficient services and how new financing and business models could optimise healthcare investment.

Tonio Borg, EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy gave a keynote speech at the workshop. The Commissioner reported that “The economic dimension of healthcare has never been considered as closely as it is now: The efficiency of public spending and cost effectiveness are included in many policies at any government level”. He added, “EU countries must decide how to use their share of the Structural Funds. The Commission encourages Member States to seize this opportunity to implement reforms needed to maintain quality of care, coupled with efficient and sustainable health systems.”

The Commissioner also outlined, “We need innovative ways how to deliver better healthcare, to more people, in a more efficient manner. And we need to make smart and long-term investments in health with a much greater focus on promoting good health. The COCIR eHealth Toolkit is right to promote eHealth as a long-term investment, bringing sustainable benefits over time.”

Nicole Denjoy, COCIR Secretary General, said “Healthcare systems are evolving to meet the challenges of changing demographics, new technologies and treatments and limited finances. We offer solutions in our report on how to use both public and private funds to finance improved healthcare infrastructure and the use of appropriate technologies that can help drive efficiencies and improve patient care in Europe. We hope that our new financial sustainability report and the workshop help in raising awareness on such critical matters.”

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Published on : Fri, 22 Mar 2013

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EU, Sustainability COCIR has launched its report ‘Fostering Financial Sustainability of Healthcare Systems in Europe’ at a workshop yesterday in Brussels co-organised by

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