COCIR Welcomes IMS As A New Member

COCIR Welcomes IMS As A New Member
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COCIR, an organisation representing the European medical imaging, electromedical and healthcare ICT industry, has welcomed Italian company Internazionale Medico Scientifica (IMS) as its newest member. 

Founded in 1965, the company is a medical research organisation initially focused on X-ray products and conventional radiography. Since 1990, the company specialises in the research, development and production of technology solutions relating to mammography, breast biopsy and digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT).

Paolo Uglietti, Product Manager at IMS, said “We believe a frank and transparent collaboration between healthcare companies and the European associations, mediated by the unique voice of COCIR, will yield better healthcare services and improve overall patient health.”

Nicole Denjoy, COCIR Secretary General said “IMS has developed advanced breast imaging technology. Combining our core competences in medical imaging will benefit both IMS and COCIR. We are delighted to welcome IMS on board to further enrich the European industry’s innovation profile in medical imaging and to contribute to wider awareness of early detection of breast cancer.”

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Published on : Thu, 28 Mar 2013

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Industry, EU COCIR, an organisation representing the European medical imaging, electromedical and healthcare ICT industry, has welcomed Italian company Internazionale M

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