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Health Management

Volume 16 - Issue 4, 2016

2016 13 Nov

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IT Management

eHealth on EU Digital Standards Agenda

2015 09 Oct

The European Commission has launched a public consultation on Standards for the Digital Single Market (DSM). The aim is to gather views on priorities for standards in key technology areas which are critical to achieving the DSM. eHealth is one of these key areas where standards need to be built."Broadly speaking, we are following up on the eHealth action... Read more

Cardiology Management

CVD Research Funds: Where From? Where To?

2014 19 Sep

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) -  a  grouping  of  diseases  that  affects  the  structure  and/or function of the  heart  and  blood  vessels,  including  heart disease and  stroke - is the number 1 killer in Europe claiming over 4 million lives in the Europe and 1.9 million lives per year in the European Union (EU). CVD is also Read more

Executive Health Management

International Collaboration Boosts Research On Antibiotic Resistance

2013 14 Nov

A four-year project entitled ‘TAILORED-Treatment’ is aimed at establishing a successful strategy to enhance the effectiveness of antibiotic treatment, lowering any potential therapy side-effects and limiting the rise of antimicrobial resistance in patients. Coordinated by the Netherland’s Erasmus MC, Rotterdam it is funded with € 6.000.000 by the European... Read more

Executive Health Management

EU Rules on Medical Device Approval System Strengthened

2013 25 Oct

Vital measures aiming at improving current approval method and patient safety are endorsed in plenary session, setting a solid discussion base with Member Sates for further improvements, though safety standards of device re-processing still questionable.Most of the measures aiming to revise the EU Medical Devices Directive (MDD) were adopted this week... Read more

Executive Health Management

Medical Implants Procedures Revised to Increase Device Controls

2013 23 Oct

To further ensure the safety of patients undergoing treatment for breast or hip implants the European Parliament's Environment Committee has agreed on a revision of the medical implants procedures in order to improve controls. Monitoring will become stricter and new certification procedures will be introduced in a bid to ascertain medical device compliance... Read more

Executive Health Management

European In Vitro Diagnostic Industry Believes Proposed Transition Period is Insufficient

2013 27 Sep

The European in vitro diagnostic industry appreciates the outcome of the vote in the European Parliament’s Committee for Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) but takes note of the Committee’s decision to provide a transition period of only three years. The change to the new classification and the implementation of clinical evidence will... Read more

Executive Health Management

Massive Study Closes in on Cancer Risk Markers

2013 04 Sep

Cancer research has taken a huge leap forward with scientists now able to identify more than 80 genetic markers found to increase the risk of breast, ovarian and prostate cancer. The COGS international research initiative is believed to be the largest of its kind.Although the results have been widely reported, the cross-border efforts behind this monumental... Read more

Executive Health Management

Use of Rapid Molecular Assays for Diagnosing Tuberculosis and Detecting Drug Resistance

2013 10 Jul

The use of rapid molecular assays has diagnostic value in tuberculosis (TB) identification and detection of drug resistance, although there is not enough evidence to recommend these tools in all populations and situations and they should not replace standard diagnostic methods. The conclusion is part of an expert opinion prepared by the European Reference... Read more

Executive Health Management

Highlights of Unique European Hospital Pharmacy Survey Published

2013 10 Jul

The European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) is proud to announce the publication of a new booklet which provides a detailed summary of the largest ever survey undertaken of hospital pharmacy practice in Europe.

EAHP Survey 2010: Hospital Pharmacy Practice in Europe is the collected analysis of a comprehensive survey, conducted throughout... Read more