5 Traits a Healthcare CEO Needs

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Healthcare organisations that aim to survive and grow need CEOs that understand the continuum of care and are capable of providing patients a bundle of excellent services at economical costs. 
Some key attributes that ideal healthcare CEOs should have include:
  1. Ability to Embrace Change: CEOs, especially in healthcare, need to be open to change and need to have the ability to implement new care models or technology. They must not shy away from difficult decisons such as management reorganisation if there is a need for such a measure. 
  2. Clinical Competence: An effective healthcare CEO must have a medical background or a deep understanding of how a clinical operation works. Clinical acumen, hands-on-experience in the healthcare industry and healthcare management are critical to be successful leaders in healthcare. 
  3. Ability to Use Data to Drive Strategy: The use of analytics is rapidly increasing in healthcare. Modern CEOs need to ensure their organisation uses data analysis to outline areas of improvement and chalk out strategies that would help the organisation grow and prosper. 
  4. Agility as Managers: Modern healthcare CEOs should have strong conflict-resolution skills. Successful CEOs do not necessarily have to be overly charismatic since very high levels of narcissism can often lead to the development of tyrannical and exploitative leaders. Moderate levels are usually effective. 
  5. Focus on Finances: CEOs need to have excellent working knowledge as to how they can increase organisational efficiency and productivity. They need to develop teams that work towards attaining savings while providing optimum care. 
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Published on : Fri, 19 Jun 2015

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