HealthManagement, Volume 18 - Issue 6, 2018

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Koen Kas

HealthSkouts, Professor - Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium


Making healthcare delightful

“Being resilient, dealing with the unknown, with change, is exactly what will keep you and your company relevant and ‘young’.”

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Richard Corbridge

Editorial Board Member, Chief Digital Information Officer - Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust, Leeds, UK


What must the NHS do to survive another 70 years?

In 2088 Bevan’s original principles will still be here but with a digital fabric rather than bricks and mortar ensuring that at its 140th birthday the NHS will still be a national treasure.

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Michael Springer

Vice President of Technology & Operations - The Jacobs Institute


“A thoughtful architectural design fosters collaboration amongst numerous experts in research and medicine alike. Close quarters and ‘purposeful collisions’ have informed better-designed research projects and developed improved treatment plans for patients.”

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Pilar Manchón

Medical Director - Diagnostic Imaging Center Director, Integral Diagnosis Unit of Breast Pathology, Barcelona, Spain


Why do we need to humanize radiology?

“Healthcare systems improvements in the last fifty years have been mainly technology-driven making radiology one of the medical specialities that has most benefited. Now it’s the time to boost our humanity at the same level as technology to balance our skills up.”

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(I expert, I question, I answer)  Have you got something to say? Visit  or contact [email protected] ... Read more

(I expert, I question, I answer)  Have you got something to say? Visit  or contact [email protected] Read more

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