HealthManagement, Volume 19 - Issue 2, 2019

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Philip Braham

Co-Founder & Director - Remedium Partners, UK


“Solving the NHS doctor shortage isn’t an overnight solution – the fact that agency locums haven’t ‘fixed’ the health services’ problems is testament to the fact that a long-term solution is needed.”


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Alex Cahana

Venture Partner - Medtech and Healthcare

Head of - Medtech and Healthcare, USA


“Through behavioural economics using monetary (rewards) and non-monetary (reputation) incentives, Blockchain-based solutions can transform people from being passive health service consumers into health producers.”


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Nick Adkins

Founder #pinksocks Advisory Board - Cloudbreak Health Palo Alto, CA Advisory Board, USA


“The biggest challenge is resistance to change. People saying no. Legacy thinking of ‘oh we’ve always done it this way’. I think that’s rapidly eroding. Technology has now reached a point where you can’t deny it.”


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Dennis Spaeth

CEO/Publisher - Cutting Tool Engineering, CTE Publications, USA


“Robotic technology has transformed the way we treat patients and conduct surgical procedures. Future advancements in robotics will not only make medical procedures and diagnoses even more efficient but will also make recovery times that much shorter so patients can return to their daily lives.”


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(I expert, I question, I answer)  Have you got something to say? Visit  or contact [email protected] Read more

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