Willy Heuschen EAHM Secretary General Editor-in-chiefOn the occasion of the general assembly of the EAHM that will take place on 16 November during Medica in Düsseldorf, the EAHM is organising a seminar on the theme of the evaluation of quality, and more precisely, accreditation, an external procedure for evaluation as a potential quality measurement instrument.   This encounter was prepared by...


Health-EU Launches e-Newsletter From September 2007, the EU’s Health Portal will be producing an online newsletter. Complementing the portal itself, the newsletter will give a selection of the latest news and activities in the field of public health at European and international level.   To bring the work of the EU in the field of public health closer to all stakeholders, whether members of the...

Author:Rory WatsonEU Autumn Agenda Markos Kyprianou, the EU Health Commissioner, is determined to leave an identifiable legacy as he embarks on the last two years of his Brussels mandate. Late next month, he is planning to present an EU health strategy that will set out the direction the European Union’s activities should take in this area in the coming decade. The political statement is intended...

United Kingdom Hospital Kitchens Unhygienic and Unclean Local authority health inspection reports reveal that nearly half of all hospital kitchens and canteens in England could be failing to meet basic standards of cleanliness and hygiene.   Nearly a fifth of hospitals surveyed kept food at the wrong temperature or in unsafe conditions, while 11 hospitals had problems with vermin.   18 hospi

Medical Technology

Authors:Timo Baumann,Head of Department Service Centre IT and Organisation,Klinik am Eichert, Göppingen, GermanyEmail:[email protected] HillerHead of Biomedical Department,Klinik am Eichert, Göppingen, GermanyEmail:[email protected] 2 shows an intensive support point with all subcomponents The tasks of biomedicine interact with those of IT like a jig

Author:Martine DecouvelaerePresident of the French Association of Clinical Engineers,Hospices Civils de Lyon, FranceEmail:[email protected] hospital engineers of all specialties, approximately 540 work part- or full-time as clinical engineers (CE) in French hospitals, who work as qualified technical managers, with health professionals and hospital executives to build and to op

OR Management

Author:Dr Holger Otto,OR Coordination, Kreiskrankenhaus Rendsburg, GermanyEmail:[email protected] Theatre Management, Conflict and Potential SolutionsCriticism of hospitals is a common theme in the ongoing debate on German health policy. While critics frequently accuse the health service of being too expensive, inefficient and hampered by hierarchical structures, they seldom mention

Author:Christy Dempsey, RN BSN MBA, CNOR,Former Vice-President of Surgical and Emergency Services, St John’s Hospital, Misouri, USA,Senior Vice-President of Clinical Operations for PatientFlow Technology, USAEmail:[email protected] strategic focus on improving the quality and safety of patient care, it has become increasingly obvious to both physicians and hospital leadership

Authors:Ayden Tajahmady, MD, MSProject ManagerMaxime Cauterman, MD, MSHead of “Pilot” DepartmentMission Nationale d’Expertise et d’Audit Hospitaliers,Paris, FranceEmail:[email protected] ambulatory surgery is a strategic option for hospitals that requires entrepreneurial skills, such as understanding the environment, setting priorities and the ability to take risk

Med Tech

Author:Christian Zugck, PD Dr. med.,Medical Center of the University Heidelberg,Department of Cardiology, Angiology and Respiratory Medicine,Heidelberg, GermanyEmail:[email protected] 1: Economic analysis of hospitalisation-related costs after 180 days.Use of Telemonitoring in Chronic Heart Failure Improves Clinical and Economic EffectivenessMultiple hospital (

Human Resources

Author:Michael GreenbaumCEO, CyraCom,Email:[email protected] United States has always been a melting pot of diverse cultures, a nation rich in ethnic heritage that stems from an immigrant population dating back to its beginnings. Nearly 11 percent of the U.S. population is foreign-born, and nearly 20 percent speak a language other than English at home. &nbsp

Country Focus: Norway

Author:Bjørn Magne Eggen,Director of the Clinic of Medicine, Akershus University Hospital,(former Division-Director at The Ministry of Health and Care Services)email:[email protected]  Organisation of the Healthcare System Under the Norwegian healthcare system, more than 85% of all expenditures are publicly covered. The 431 municipalities/communes, with population sizes ranging from 250

Author:Dag Bratlid, MD, PhD, MHA,Department of Pediatrics, S. Olavs University Hospital,Trondheim, NorwayEmail:[email protected] hospitals have traditionally been owned and operated by the 19 different county councils. Most of the funding was provided by the national government in the form of block grants based on the size of the population as well as demographic and social charac

Authors:Erik K. Normann and May Britt Buhaug,Norwegian Hospital and Health Service AssociationEmail:[email protected] does the NSH Contribute to the Health Service of Today and Tomorrow?The NSH was established in 1937. There was an urgent need for an association which could, on a professionally and politically neutral basis, bring to attention the wide spectrum of problems the Norwegian h...


Willy Heuschen Secrétaire général de l’AEDH Rédacteur en chefEvaluation de la Qualité Des Hôpitaux En Europe - Vers Un Système d’Accréditation Européen? Al’occasion de l’assemblée générale annuelle de l’AEDH qui se tiendra le 16 novembre dans le cadre de Medica à Düsseldorf, l’AEDH organise un séminaire autour du thème de l’évaluation de la qualité, et plus précisément de l’accréditation, une...

IT et Technologie Médicale se Rapprochent page 12 Par Joachim Hiller et Timo Baumann La technologie de l’information et la technologie biomédicale sont soumises à des exigences constants d’adaptation. Les composants IT classiques deviennent automatiquement des composants medico-techniques quand ils sont utilisés dans le secteur des soins de santé et particulièrement dans l’environnement immédiat...


Willy Heuschen EVKD Generalsekretär ChefredakteurQualitätsmessung in Krankenhäusern in Europa - Auf Dem Weg Zu Einem Europäischen Akkreditierungssystem? Anlässlich der diesjährigen ordentlichen EVKDMitgliederversammlung auf der Medica am 16. November 2007 in Düsseldorf veranstaltet die EVKD ein Seminar zum Thema Qualitätsmessung, schwerpunktmäßig der Akkreditierung, einem externen Evaluierung...

IT Und Medizintechnologie Ziehen an Einem Strang Seite 12 Von Joachim Hiller und Timo Baumann Informationstechnologie und biomedizinische Technologie unterstehen einem stetigen Wandel. Klassische IT Komponenten werden automatisch zu medizintechnischen Komponenten, wenn sie im Gesundheitsbereich genutzt werden, vor allem wenn sie nahe am Patienten eingesetzt werden. Die Klinik am Eichert in Göppingen...

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