My dear readers,


It is time again for thoughts from the island.


I went to Iceland/Selfoss last month and attended the European Nurse Director Association (ENDA) congress. I am a board member of this great association. Therefore, I met my fellow board members, colleagues and friends in person after meeting each other on a monthly base via Zoom.


It was very special for me to attend this great congress. We were nearly 200 nurses from 13 countries, and the atmosphere was epic. Nurse scientists, nurse managers, nurse paedagogics and I came together as a staff nurse and lecturer to share our knowledge and skills.


We were together for nearly three days, and the programme was inspiring. We heard the newest data from healthcare settings, which – as you all can imagine – were worrying BUT also uplifting.


The whole get-together gave us all so much good energy. I sometimes felt  I was on drugs, on a high, because I was with colleagues who still have a vision for us nurses and the next generation of nurses. I was with colleagues who know that our health systems are stretched, but we will not give up. The word HOPE was above us, I can tell you that.


When I returned to the UK, I could carry this good energy. Stressful days, which we all have, will not overrule this energy.

This congress was almost a retreat for me, where I could recharge my batteries for being a nurse and showed me again why I have chosen the most beautiful profession in the world.


As I always say, if I were 19 again, I would always become a nurse. Being part of this community means something to me. It gives me power. There is an understanding amongst us where no words are needed.


In two weeks, great nurses from Germany and Austria will come to me, to Bristol. I have prepared an amazing programme for them, where they will share their knowledge and experiences with British nurses.


Also, this event will give all of us good energy and bring us forward and forward and forward!


And that’s good.


So long, as always – NURSES UNITED!


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