My dear readers,


Time is moving very fast, and we are coming to the end of another big, big year.


Last month I wrote about September, when I had the great chance to be in Iceland to attend the European Nurse Managers Congress, which, as I stated, was mind-blowing.


My October continued to be absolutely epic – BECAUSE great colleagues from Germany and Austria came to me to Bristol and attended my yearly organised nurses' expert trip/UK.


This year's theme was 'Advanced Nurse Practitioners/Advanced Clinical Practitioners'. We were seven nurses, and we had a vivid exchange each day, which gave me so much good energy.


The colleagues from Germany and Austria were Chief Nurses, Clinical Lead Nurses and Education Lead Nurses. As I said, the exchange between the group and the British senior ANP and Academic Nurses was on fire.


I was very proud to present my nursing culture to my great colleagues from the continent and could show them parts of my nursing career, which I have taken on during the last 20 years since I moved to the UK.


Great collaborations and excellent network opportunities started here. I can truly say this trip was a massive success for both sites: the German/ Austrian site and the British. Our British colleagues also wanted to know about the nursing scene in these two German-speaking countries. It was, for all of us, a treasure.


This is what's all about it - networking, sharing skills and knowledge and being open-minded. We can learn from each other so much. We are filled up with amazing knowledge.


Those days in October were full of mover and shaker energy, and no hour was too long for us.


As you read, my dear readers, when nurses come together with visions, there is NEVER a DULL moment!!!!


A big thank you to my dear colleagues and friends, who made an effort to come to Bristol/UK and wanted to get to know how we work on an ANP level.