Legal Action Initiated After Patient's Fall During CT Scan

Monica Lynch, a resident of Wallingford, Connecticut, has initiated a legal action against MidState Medical Center, MidState Radiology Associates LLC, and Hartford HealthCare Corp. following an incident that occurred in March 2022. Lynch alleges that after suffering a stroke, she was placed in a CT scanner at MidState Medical Center, but tragically fell from the table, resulting in severe injuries including fractured ribs and vertebrae in her neck.


Incident Deprived Patient of Vital Stroke Interventions

The lawsuit, filed in state Superior Court in Bridgeport, asserts that this fall deprived Lynch of crucial opportunities for timely interventions to alleviate the effects of the stroke. Consequently, she claims to have experienced cognitive impairment and reduced neurological function, significantly impacting her quality of life. Of particular significance is the potential missed opportunity for administering tissue plasminogen activator (TPA), a medication that dissolves blood clots and could have mitigated the effects of Lynch's stroke if administered promptly.


Safety Lapses Blamed for Patient's Fall and Subsequent Injuries

According to Lynch and her legal representatives, the incident could have been prevented had proper safety measures been in place. They argue that MidState Radiology Associates failed to secure Lynch adequately to the CT scan table and neglected to provide the necessary attention to prevent the fall. As a result, Lynch has incurred additional medical expenses, lost earnings, and experienced emotional distress.


Lawsuit Highlights Urgency of Patient Safety Measures

In response to inquiries about the lawsuit, MidState Medical Center declined to comment, emphasising their commitment to patient safety. Similarly, Hartford HealthCare, which has affiliations with both MidState Medical Center and MidState Radiology Associates, refrained from commenting on the ongoing litigation. The legal action seeks compensation for Lynch's medical expenses, loss of earnings or earning capacity, diminished enjoyment of life's activities, as well as pain, anxiety, and emotional distress resulting from the incident.


This lawsuit underscores the importance of rigorous patient safety protocols and the timely provision of medical interventions in healthcare settings to prevent adverse outcomes and ensure the well-being of patients like Monica Lynch.


Source: CTInsider

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