MEDICAL JAPAN 2017 - 3rd International Medical Expo & Conference



18-36, Hall 5






6 specialised shows cover the whole medical industry

1. You can effectively tackle the World's 2nd largest medical market – Japan!

MEDICAL JAPAN 2017 will be held in the World's 2nd largest medical market possessing great potential! Show Management expects MEDICAL JAPAN to grow to become a show gathering a large number of exhibitors and visitors next year. Expand your business into Japan, and increase your international sales!

2. You can meet the Japanese and Asian distributors/importers/dealers!

Below is an extract of Show Management's invitation list of Japanese and Asian distributors / importers / dealers. You will be able to meet such companies at MEDICAL JAPAN 2017 to expand your business in Asia.

Meet importers and end users at the same time!

For foreign companies to succeed in Japan, it is both important to build good contacts with importers and to promote products/services to end users. Bringing importers/distributors and end-users together, MEDICAL JAPAN enables you to meet all necessary members at the same time.

1. Importers/Distributors

MEDICAL JAPAN gathers a large number of importers/distributors, not only as visitors but also as exhibitors. And to maximise your chance of finding importers/distributors, Show Management conducts Importer Matching Support Service.

2. End Users: Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinical Trial Centers etc...

MEDICAL JAPAN 2017 gathers a large number of professionals from your end users, such as medical institutions, nursing homes and so on.

3. International Visitors — Especially from Asia

In addition to Japan, Show Management conducts extensive visitor promotion mainly in other Asian countries.

Targeted Asian Countries

  • Korea
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • China
  • Vietnam
  • Malaysia
  • etc.


  • CEOs, Presidents of top Asia/USA/EU hospital management companies
  • Government officials from medical/healthcare ministries
  • Directors of top medical device manufacturers


  • Visitor promotion by e-mails, postal mails, etc.
  • Show Management's visitor sponsorship project
  • Visiting tours/missions organised by travel agencies and industry associations

4. You can meet the forefront specialists, top executives and key industry leaders!

MEDICAL JAPAN 2017 co-holds a Conference. Covering cutting-edge topics, attendees include forefront specialists and researchers, top executives and key industry leaders. MEDICAL JAPAN 2017 will become the hub of VIP interaction and information in the Asian medical industry.

Extensive Promotion Service to maximise your business opportunities

1. Take a look at the extensive support service for exhibitors.

2. Importers Matching Support Service

Show Management invites key importers/distributors from Japan and arranges meetings with exhibitors. More than 200 meetings were arranged in 2016 and much more are expected for the 2017 show.

Covering All the Hot Topics in Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Field!

All 300 conferences are categorized by themes. You will find a topic that matches your interest.

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