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Adapting Medtech Supply to COVID-19 Demand

2020 06 Sep

A recent report from McKinsey looks into the challenges manufacturers and suppliers of medtech products have been facing since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.   You might also like: Through Crisis to Better Healthcare   With demand for such products, e.g. isolation gowns, nasal swabs, or masks, soaring beyond any expected peaks,... Read more

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Overcoming ‘Injectability Bottleneck’ With New Syringe

2020 26 Aug

In an article published in Advanced Healthcare Materials (Jayaprakash et al. 2020), MIT researchers describe the development of a simple, low-cost technology for subcutaneous injection of high-concentration drugs.   You might also like: Benefits of ‘Lean Lab’ – Experience from MIT   The technology comes in the form of a new... Read more

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China International Medical Equipment Fair CMEF Spring Shanghai 2020

2020 19 Oct


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Mindray Chairman’s Statement on Efforts to Combat COVID-19

2020 06 Apr

As COVID-19 is casting a dark shadow over people’s health, healthcare providers around the world are fighting relentlessly against the virus. We salute all medical staff for their valiant efforts to save patients’ lives and battle the outbreak. As China’s leading medical devices and solutions provider, we have been the main force ever since the epidemic... Read more

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Volume 19 - Issue 4, Winter 2019/2020

2020 15 Jan

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Shaping the Human Side of Medical Devices in Critical Care: The Implication of Human Factor Studies

2020 15 Jan

An overview of Human Factors Engineering (HFE), a multidisciplinary science in which human behaviour, capacities, and engineering principles are used to explore why errors occur, and how the likelihood of preventable harm could be reduced. What Do We Know About Medical Device Errors in Critical Care? Adverse events and errors are frequent... Read more

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China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) Indonesia 2020

2021 17 Jun

CMEF INDONESIA 2020 POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19 HEALTH CONCERNS  NEW DATES 17-19 JUNE, 2021 Find CMEF on Social Media         Read more

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4 Tips for Data Connectivity During Natural Disasters

2019 10 Sep

Disaster mitigation, response and recovery should form part of an organisation's governance process. For health systems and hospitals, in particular, they have to be always prepared for power outages and other disruptive events caused by severe storms and other natural disasters.   You might also like: Earthquakes and Climate Change - Hospitals... Read more

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Outsourcing in Clinical Trials: Medical Devices Europe 2020

2020 05 Feb

Find Arena OTC (Outstanding Clinical Trial Series) on Social Media      Read more