HealthManagement, Volume 19 - Issue 2, 2019

Unleashing the full potential of AI

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The digital revolution has changed every aspect of our lives – from the way we communicate to the way we live and interact. We are slowly moving towards this transformation in healthcare, where big data, predictive analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can do for healthcare what it has done for other industries.

We have already started to see some of its benefits, from image interpretation to automating workflows and improving operational efficiency. For example, algorithms capable of distinguishing between normal and abnormal pediatric brain Mri scans and NASA-style Command Centers that can provide real-time, predictive and actionable insights, already exist. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The explosion of clinical, genomic and imaging data has created a path for precision health – taking the right action at the right time for each individual patient and personalizing the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring based on their unique needs.

By effectively integrating data and analytics across the care pathway, medical professionals and staff can be better supported with insights that enable them to bring care that is more efficient, predictive and individualized.
AI is central to achieving precision health. It can integrate and make sense of the data, helping to improve provider efficiency, increase diagnostic accuracy, personalize treatments, and drive higher quality care.

The promise of AI is exciting but there is still a lot of work to be done, and it’s important not to over-promise. Even though these techniques will change the interaction between doctors and patients and change how care is delivered, they should not be overtly noticed. Improving the patient experience, provider productivity, diagnostic accuracy and overall quality of care won’t happen overnight or as part of some massive disruption.

The best AI will evolve invisibly with and into the existing care continuum – embedded into workflows, applications and devices already in use today, making way for a more personal doctor-to-patient experience.

To do AI right, academic institutions, regulatory entities, governments and other industry partners will need to come together – practically, methodically and for the benefit, safety and privacy of the patient. The work to ensure safe, ethical and effective use of AI will never stop – and we are committed to keep at it.

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AI, GE Healthcare Unleashing the full potential of AI

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