• Catherine Estrampes

    Since the start of her career with GE in 1988, Catherine Estramp has held various leadership positions in the company in different countries. She is now President & CEO for GE Healthcare Europe.

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    Email —  ******@***ge.com
    President & CEO GE Healthcare Europe

Featured in HealthManagement.org

  •  Catherine Estrampes

    Editorial - Improving Efficiency While Providing the Best Care

    • 01:31 PM, Mar 09

    The growth and aging of global populations, the rising levels of chronic disease coupled with escalating costs, growing complexity and inadequate infrastructure is forcing a fundamental re-think of every aspect of healthcare. Swedish doctors spend on average one working day a week on administrative tasks. The British National Health System estimates that an extra 291,327 operations could be completed...

  •  Catherine Estrampes

    Unleashing the full potential of AI

    • 04:24 PM, Feb 22

    The digital revolution has changed every aspect of our lives – from the way we communicate to the way we live and interact. We are slowly moving towards this transformation in healthcare, where big data, predictive analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can do for healthcare what it has done for other industries. We have already started to see some of its benefits, from image interpr


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