HealthManagement, Volume 18 - Issue 2, 2018


New book to provide a roadmap for optimisation

In a soon-to-be released book, experts offer their knowledge and guidance for optimising quality and safety in radiological practice.

Summer 2018 will see the release of a monograph edited by Prof. Lluis Donoso Bach and Prof. Giles Boland. Quality and Safety in Imaging provides a roadmap for optimising quality and safety within radiology practices, whether academic or private and irrespective of their national setting.

The publication also offers a round-up of all aspects of the radiology workflow, from imaging appropriateness, examination scheduling and patient preparation through to imaging protocol optimisation (including radiation dose management), modality operations, reporting (including structured reporting), and report communication.

From innovative IT tools, including clinical decision support, that drive compliance with national best practice standards and guidelines, to the use of big data tools to manage and enhance clinical delivery, all aspects of quality and safety are addressed. he contributors also introduce and explain how metrics can be designed to measure the value that radiology brings to patient care and outcomes.

In an interview with, the editors offer their insight into what readers can expect as well as their hopes for young radiologists.

What was the vision behind the book?
Issues that are related to the quality of radiological services and patient safety appear to be drawing in more interest among fellow radiologists, especially as we seem to be in today’s age of “value-based healthcare".

How would you describe the content of the book to your readers?

Readers will find an update on the most relevant issues related to quality and safety, with contributors from both sides of the Atlantic providing different views on the proposed solutions.

What kind of research was carried out for the book?

We spent a lot of time researching the book, it was much more than just a specific search. the proposal of the different themes and authors who contributed has been drawn from our daily experience in our environment, and from the professional societies in which we have the privilege of collaborating.

What did you learn from the experience?
Prof. Donoso:
Speaking for myself, I appreciated the opportunity I have had to learn important concepts and details that are, and will be useful, to implement in my environment. It has also reinforced to me that quality and safety in the care of our patients must be at the highest level of prioritisation within our departments.

How do you think this may impact the field of radiology?

The impact of these issues related to quality and safety are of the utmost importance at this moment. Hence it’s crucial that we demonstrate our value and advanced knowledge on the concept of "value-based imaging".

What can young radiologists learn from the book and how can they improve their practice with more guidance/knowledge? this book is of special relevance for all of the younger radiologists. going forward they are the ones who should lead projects related to quality and safety in patient care. the future of our specialty will depend largely on our involvement in these aspects of patient care.

Quality and Safety in Imaging will be released this summer [exact date TBC] and is intended for anyone wishing to deepen their understanding of contemporary best practices regarding quality and safety. For further information visit