HealthManagement, Volume 17 - Issue 3, 2017


A Human Resources (HR) department that continuously looks at ways to foster satisfaction for personnel reaps the rewards of innovation and productivity. puts some top HR approaches in the spotlight.



Long gone are the days of a deep divide between management and personnel. Human Resources (HR ) practice now offers as many ways of motivating staff and encouraging creativity and productivity as there are companies. Much innovation has been taking place outside the healthcare sector as well as within with HR departments receiving recognition for practices that create a win-win environment for staff and management. has selected some of the most inspiring examples of HR innovation and efficiency across a range of sectors.


Credibility: Mayo Clinic


Regularly in top HR rankings, Mayo Clinic is a fine example of healthcare motivating its 60, 000 staff to achieve the best results for patients and their families. It does this through on-the-job-training, effective internal communication and, critically, ongoing management credibility and reliability.


Staff confidence is developed so that they can face any scenario at work and are recognised for efforts.


Technology: Ford


Automobile company Ford is renowned for its innovative HR initiatives which include top-tier training opportunities and a very disciplined company culture supported by strong data-backed processes.


Application programming interfaces (API s) manage talent in tandem with a changing global business environment. Additionally, a tech platform that offers insights into the skills and ambitions of their 60,000-strong workforce enhances long-term planning.


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“People-Service-Profit”: FedEx


When it comes to HR , courier firm FedEx has led the way for years. It was one of the first companies to implement a formal HR policy that saw how employees contributed to growth and profitability.


The philosophy of the company is based on the belief: “People-Service-Profit” with all management decisions rooted in this perspective. Staff input has always been encouraged for problem-solving and the annual “Survey Feedback Action” programme sees employees offering feedback on management policies. The completed survey is reviewed by staff and management who meet to resolve any potential problems made evident by the feedback.


An Open Mind: Prudential


Insurance company Prudential boasts low staff turnover and absenteeism with success attributed to transparency in its HR approach.


The ups and downs, challenges and successes of the company’s history are shared with every single staff member and it has a flexible approach to HR processes, welcoming change and innovation when necessary.


Happy Staff: Google


Routinely ranked amongst the best companies to work for, Google recognises the value in keeping staff happy for the optimum creativity and productivity that keeps it at the forefront of Internet services.


Its California HQs offer a sports complex, wellness centres, hockey rinks and subsidised massage. Along with its business status, this HR approach helps t he company attract top talent from around the world.


Communication: Marks and Spencer


As far as much-loved global retailer Marks and Spencer is concerned, there is no such thing as too much communication.


This tenet is at the backbone of its award-winning success in HR and staff treatment with employees the first to say that regular communication is key to making the company a desirable place to work. Regular contact amongst employees and between staff and management create a n atmosphere of m otivating transparency.


“Work Hard, Play Hard”: LinkedIn


HR innovation and teamwork is what has set professional online networking company LinkedIn apart from its competitors as a great place to work for years. Working around the motto “Work hard, play hard”, HR holds regular parties with live music and a nightclub vibe for all personnel in reward for staff work and dedication.


Once a month, the firm holds an ‘InDay’ when staff set day-to-day work aside and look into new ideas, supporting innovation and creativity. Staff turnover is routinely less than 8% and promotions are at a high. Balance: Brigham and Women’s Hospital Praised for its efforts to encourage a work-life balance for personnel, Harvard Medical School teaching affiliate, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, has family in focus. The facility offers strong childcare, including care for emergencies, for working mothers and fathers as well as eldercare services for staff taking care of ageing parents. Subsidised tuition is also available for staff who earn below a set salary threshold.


The aim to decrease staff stress has earned the hospital HR accolades.



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