HealthManagement, Volume 17 - Issue 1, 2017

img PRINT OPTIMISED is excited to introduce our new Editor-in-Chief for Healthcare IT. Christian Lovis, MD, MPH, FACMI, has taken over the role from Christian Marolt who has stepped into the position of Executive Director at


Lovis is head of the Division of Medical Information Sciences, University Hospitals of Geneva and Full Professor of clinical informatics, University of Geneva. His research interests include advanced human-machine interfaces, clinical data, computer patient records, architecture, contextualisation and knowledge coupling plus citizen-centric health. He is also interested in socio-anthropologic impacts, evaluation and hospital strategic governance and IT return on investment (ROI).


“I’m very honoured to work for such an audience with such a great team but also very challenged to succeed Christian Marolt who truly started a new era with the publication,” Lovis told Lovis went on to speak about the HIT topics that he will put in focus with the editorial team. “Besides the great vision, hopes and also threats that can be seen in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, blockchain, the Cloud and other animals, evolution is lagging,” Lovis said. “Today there is still poor interoperability, poor user interfaces for care providers, no transversal clinical workflow managers, less than poor semantic-driven system. There are a lot of problems requiring good, creative and efficient solutions. So, let's start to work!"


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What are your key areas of interest and research?


I am interested in improving health and citizen involvement; care and providers, patients' involvement using new information technologies. This is about electronic patient or personal health records, decision support, but also re-use of data and better use of existing knowledge and information.

What are the major challenges in your field?


There are many… Leadership, education, maturity are the human ones; Privacy, pre-visibility, prevention are the societal ones. Interoperability, semantics, sustainability are the medical informatics ones.


What is your top management tip?


Surround yourself with people cleverer and more competent than yourself.


What would you single out as a career highlight?


Becoming full professor and Chair of the Division of Medical Information Sciences at the University Hospitals of Geneva.


If you had not chosen this career path you would have become a…?



What are your personal interests outside of work?


My lovely wife, my son, biking, hiking and photography.

Christian Lovis, MD, MPH, FACMI

Christian is professor of clinical informatics at the University of Geneva and also leads the Division of Medical Information Sciences at the Geneva University Hospitals. As a medical doctor trained in Internal Medicine with a special focus on emergency medicine, he is also a public health graduate from the University of Washington. Alongside his medical studies, Christian studied medical informatics at the University of Geneva with an emphasis on clinical information systems and medical semantics. For ten years from 2000 he was responsible for developing and deploying the computerised patient record for the university hospitals of Geneva. Christian is the author of a large number of peer-reviewed papers in the field of medical informatics and an editorial board member of major peer-reviewed journals in the same area.