HealthManagement, Volume 20 - Issue 3, 2020

Think back to January 1, 2020. Can you even remember what the outlook was for a new decade in your area of healthcare? The first phase of the deadly coronavirus disease, COVID-19, has practically swept away any memory of the status quo before it hit like a tsunami and healthcare scrambled to fight it.

Today, months later, more than 200 countries and territories have been hit by the virus, with over 3 million cases worldwide and over 200,000 deaths. As healthcare continues to fight COVID-19, has also raced to produce the first of several special editions dedicated to healthcare response to the crisis. In this special issue, COVID-19 Care Continuum, we focus on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and how countries around the world have dealt with this crisis.

Radiologist Prof. David Koff examines the impact of COVID-19 on research. Two expert cardiologists, Prof. Mamas Mamas and Giuseppe Galati communicate their experience of fighting the pandemic in the UK and Italy, while Prof. Eugene Fidelis Soh talks about the ‘smart’ management of COVID-19 in Singapore.

Surgeon and healthcare futurist, Rafael Grossmann looks into the potential of telehealth uncovered by the pandemic, and Miguel Cabrer and colleagues talk about the need for virtual consultations during these times to reduce patient flow in hospitals.

Prof. Andy Tatem describes how population data are used during pandemics. Eric de Roodenbeke suggests how health leaders can sustain their organisations with the support of the IHF, and Ian Weissman examines how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the health of patients and healthcare workers.

Prof. Valentin Sinitsyn looks at how technology has aided imaging-based diagnosis for COVID-19, while Amir Mahabadi and Matthias Totzeck discuss the compelling effects of COVID-19 on cardiovascular medicine.

These are only the highlights of the issue’s rich content, which also includes communication during a pandemic, preparing your staff for crises, creating a ‘liquid’ hospital, and many other topics.

Enjoy, comment and keep sharing your COVID-19 stories with us!