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Executive Health Management

Do Travel Restrictions Work Against COVID-19?

2020 23 Oct

A new study from Germany analyses the impact of travel restrictions on COVID-19 mortality and compares outcomes in different countries.   You might also like: Lockdowns and Reopenings: Local vs. Larger-Scale   Despite the fact that at the early stages of the pandemic the World Health Organization, the EU and many... Read more

Executive Health Management

New Sample Pooling Method for COVID-19 Testing

2020 06 Aug

Widespread testing for COVID-19 derives important epidemiological data that can inform strategies on disease monitoring and control. However, shortages of test kits and bottlenecks in processing of results prevent many countries from implementing mass testing. This leaves many patients (especially those not showing symptoms) untested, increasing... Read more

Executive Health Management

2020 12 May

It is a common view that the current situation, which we are asked to deal with, evokes smaller or bigger arguments. There was dogmatism that collapsed, ideological obsessions that were demolished, and Keynes-based policies that take peculiar revenge. At least, this is what has been said by the Greek Deputy Minister of Finance in an interview... Read more

Health Management

Volume 20 - Issue 3, 2020

2020 11 May

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Executive Health Management

COVID-19 Care Continuum

2020 11 May

Think back to January 1, 2020. Can you even remember what the outlook was for a new decade in your area of healthcare? The first phase of the deadly coronavirus disease, COVID-19, has practically swept away any memory of the status quo before it hit like a tsunami and healthcare scrambled to fight it. Today, months later, more than 200 countries... Read more

Executive Health Management

WHO Guidelines on PPE Use for COVID-19 are Questioned

2020 30 Apr

The existing guidelines on special separation in healthcare facilities are based on scarce and outdated evidence, a study has found.   You may also like: Policy, Guidance and Recommendations for COVID-19 Decision-Making   According to a globally accepted rule of infection control, when performing triage, medical staff do not... Read more

Executive Health Management

EU Supports Clinical Trials During COVID-19

2020 29 Apr

The European Commission has published ‘Guidance on the Management of Clinical Trials During the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic’ to ensure continuation of clinical trials in the EU during the pandemic.   You may also like: COVID-19 for R&D: Blessing or Curse?   The recommendations are part of the EU efforts to find... Read more

Cardiology Management

COVID-19 and its Impact on the Healthcare Economy

2020 21 Apr

The COVID-19 virus has created not only a healthcare crisis but also an economic one and a COVID-19 recession is now a reality.  Healthcare has generally been immune to recessions in the past. Demand for medical care has been a constant since people get sick, whether times are good or bad. Also, those with health insurance have their out-of-pocket... Read more

Cardiology Management

COVID-19, Telemedicine and Mental Health

2020 17 Apr

Locked-down America has been converted to a country gravely in need of virtual therapy amidst the recent Coronavirus crisis. During these trying times, telemedicine has emerged as a viable solution to help connect people with health professionals. While the healthcare industry works to mark the issues that put a stop to comprehensive and widespread... Read more

ICU Management

COVID-19: Addressing Anxiety Among Healthcare Professionals

2020 08 Apr

The world is currently going through a major healthcare crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected people across different continents, races, and socioeconomic groups. Communities are quarantined, schools are closed, people are in social isolation. All these factors have literally changed our life.  But our healthcare workers are out there,... Read more