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I-PASS Reduces Medical Errors During Patient Handoffs

Preventable adverse events — injuries due to medical errors — are a major cause of death among Americans. Although some progress has been made... Read more

Medical Errors Up 70% in Massachusetts

Last year, acute care hospitals in Massachusetts recorded a 70 percent spike in serious medical errors and patient injuries, according to a... Read more

Burned Out, Depressed Surgeons More Likely to Commit More Major Medical Errors

Although surgeons do not appear more likely to make mistakes than physicians in other disciplines, surgical errors may have more severe consequences... Read more

Fumbled Handoffs Can Lead To Medical Errors

A new study by researchers from the Regenstrief Institute and the Indiana University School of Medicine has found that hospital discharge... Read more

Doctors Under-reporting Medical Errors To Hospitals, Study Suggests

A related University of Iowa-led study, published in the May 2007 issue of the Journal of General Internal Medicine, found a similar, although... Read more

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1. Practise Good Self-Care It’s vital for your personal wellbeing that you take adequate breaks from work, including time for relaxation and respite in the form of hobbies and outdoor activities. Yoga and meditation can be particularly helpful for maintaining a balanced and clear mind, which equips you for making good, logical decisions that are not... Read more

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