Most Read 2016 Cardiology Stories

Most Read 2016 Cardiology Stories
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Thank you to our Editor-in-Chief, Cardiology, Prof. Tienush Rassaf, our authors and contributors for their good advice and great ideas. We look forward to bringing you more on innovation, cross-collaboration and best practice in 2017.

Read on to find out our most read stories in Cardiology Highlights and in The Journal in 2016.

eHealth for Cardiology - Benefits Need to Be Demonstrated
Despite widespread ecardiology applications, research is showing smaller effects as assessment becomes more robust. It is becoming difficult to demonstrate added value other than patient preference and convenience, according to experts speaking at the European Congress of Cardiology in Rome.

Pope Francis at ESC Congress 2016
His Holiness Pope Francis honoured the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) with an historic visit to ESC Congress 2016, the world’s largest scientific summit on cardiovascular medicine. His Holiness advised the cardiologists: “You look after the heart. How much symbolism is enshrined in this word! How many hopes are contained in this human organ! In your hands you hold the beating core of the human body, and as such your responsibility is very great!”

Cancer Overtakes Heart Disease as Main Cause of Death
With 17.3 million deaths globally, cancer has now overtaken cardiovascular disease as the main cause of death in 12 European countries. New data on the burden of CVD in Europe for 2016 is published in the European Heart Journal.

Patients Fail to Adhere to Treatment Regimen after MI
A study published in JACC found that only 43 percent of patients fully adhered to their guideline-indicated treatment regimes two years after an MI while only 34 percent of patients with atherosclerosis were fully adherent following two years

Half of Transcatheter Heart Valves Degenerate Within 10 Years
New reports from EuroPCR 2016 reveal that half of transcatheter heart valves undergo degeneration within 10 years. Findings from the first study to investigate the long-term durability of these valves were presented at the congress.

Highly Read in The Journal

Management and Leadership in Cardiology
Interview with Professor Tienush Rassaf, Editor-in-Chief, Cardiology, HealthManagement

Tackling Coronary Heart Disease the Biggest Success in 50 Years
Interview with Professor Guy de Backer

Panos Vardas - Leadership and Management in Cardiovascular Medicine

Rolf Gomes - Designing a Specialist Cardiologist Service for Rural Australia

Muir Gray - Value-Based Healthcare Revolution Ahead

Portable Ultrasound for Heart Failure

Ashley Maltz, Pamela Wible - Day of Solidarity to Prevent Suicide

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Published on : Mon, 26 Dec 2016

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Cardiology Most Read 2016 Cardiology Stories

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