BIOTRONIK introduces Idova 7 – A New Generation ICD Endorsed for MR Scanning

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Italy and Austria see first worldwide implantations of the ultrahigh-energy device

The new Idova 7 ICD series was launched today by BIOTRONIK, a primary manufacturer of cardiovascular medical technology. Idova 7 ICDs (implantable cardioverter defibrillators) and CRT-Ds (cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillators) offer ultrahigh-energy therapy with a reduced charge time (10 sec), smaller size (34cc) and an exceptional endurance of over eleven years. Devised to end life-threatening arrhythmias with the very first shock, Idova 7 provides patience with valuable reassurance.

Also able to offer 45 joule, Idova 7 is unique in having been market approved for MRI. Designed to boost the success rate of the first shock, the device improves security for patients and doctors alike.

One of the first two implanters of the BIOTRONIK Idova 7 series Dr. Clemens Steinwender of Austria’s General Hospital Linz, is positive about the new product: “Ideally, a patient’s heart would react the same way to ICD therapy in real life as it would when tested after implantation. But that is not so often the case. If I can give my patients that extra energy at the first shock, then I can assure them they are on the safe side.”

To ensure the success of ICD therapy, knowledge of a patient’s defibrillation threshold (DFT) is vital. DFT is defined as the amount of energy required to shock the heart back to a normal rhythm, however it is inclined to rise over time and can necessitate increased amounts of energy. The reasons for this are varied and include prescribed medication, severely dilated hearts or a patient’s young age and high activity levels. 

Dr. Fabrizio Caravati of the Hospital Fondazione Macchi of Varese in Italy, has also implanted the series 7 and confirms that these variables are out of a doctor’s direct control, unpredictably influencing the DFT. He commented “It is important to be able to reassure patients that they have the maximum amount of energy at their disposal, in the event they should need it.”

Christoph Böhmer, President International at BIOTRONIK, declared that the company is expanding their second generation of ProMRI® devices with the launch of the ultrahigh-energy Idova 7 series. As is customary with the pioneering BIOTRONIK implants, the new line will also be equipped with BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring®. This will additionally contribute to the prevention of strokes and reduce hospitalization by swiftly detecting clinically relevant events like arrhythmias. “In fact, the results of the recent IN-TIME study, introduced at this year’s ESC conference, demonstrated a significant reduction in all-cause mortality in heart failure patients with implant-based remote monitoring.” Böhmer concluded. 


10 October, 2013

Published on : Thu, 17 Oct 2013

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Cardiology, Arrhythmia, Implants, Heart Italy and Austria see first worldwide implantations of the ultrahigh-energy deviceThe new Idova 7 ICD series was launched today by BIOTRONIK, a primary man

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