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Welcome to CPC 2024!

We are pleased to invite you to attend the next Portuguese Congress of Cardiology, which will take place from 19 to 21 April 2024, at the Algarve Congress Centre in Vilamoura. The program is already being carefully prepared by the entire Organizing Committee, with emphasis on the following points:


Commemoration of 50 years of excellence of the Portuguese Congress of Cardiology.

The next congress marks the 50th anniversary of our first meeting.

It is a testament to the undeniable evolution and revolutionary advances in Cardiology, which have transformed clinical practice over the years.

We will also pay tribute to the 50th anniversary of the April 25 Revolution.


One of the main objectives of this event is the excellence of Cardiovascular Medicine, with emphasis on the latest technological advances and sharing of experiences between top national and international health professionals.

It will be an opportunity for scientific updating with a focus on areas of scientific evidence and also innovative and for the presentation of the best national and international research.


The congress program will feature a panel of renowned national and international speakers and will include comprehensive topics dedicated not only to the field of Cardiology, but also to Internal Medicine and General and Family Medicine. Our goal is to promote collaboration, knowledge sharing and strengthen the integration of different specialties and health professionals.


As in previous years, we count on the active participation of all national researchers who, through the submission of free abstracts, clinical and imaging cases, greatly enrich the scientific quality of the congress.

A heart for all

The One Heart for All initiative will take place in the 45 days leading up to CPC 2024, between March 1 and April 14, 2024, and will bring together donations that are sent to SPC for this purpose.

All amounts raised will be donated to 3 NGOs:

Portuguese Association of Asperger's

Syndrome Happy Heart
Association SOS Villages Children's Association

The amount raised by SPC for this initiative will be delivered in full, and in equal parts, to the selected NGOs and will be delivered as a prize during the closing ceremony of CPC 2024


The Update Cycle in Cardiovascular Medicine is mainly aimed at General and Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and interns in the first years of Cardiology.

Of a very practical and interactive nature, this cycle consists of 6 modules based on clinical cases, with televoter and in rapid fire format


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