Kontakt.io, the leading provider of Inpatient Journey Analytics, announced a Series C investment of $47.5 million, led by Growth Equity at Goldman Sachs Asset Management (Goldman Sachs). The capital will be used to support the company’s growth and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution expansion.

Kontakt.io enables health systems to optimize patient, staff, and resource flows, improving safety, coordination, and service delivery. The company uses AI, the Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud technology to provide real-time location data and orchestrate staff, equipment, and clinical spaces around a patient’s care journey. Through integrating these technologies seamlessly in hospital workflows, Kontakt.io is ushering in new era of operational excellence in clincal care delivery.

Using Kontakt.io’s platform, customers such as HCA, the VA, Mercy Health, North East Georgia Health System, Trinity Health, and the NHS have seen major improvements in patient and employee experiences and fast ROI from operational efficiency.

With increasing complexity, cost burdens, and employee attrition rates, operational excellence has become a top priority for hospitals. Failures in hospital care delivery accounted for approximately $300 billion, or nearly $300,000 per licensed bed, in annual waste in the US.

Growth Equity at Goldman Sachs Asset Management is dedicated to investing in high-growth businesses with strong market positioning and durable business models. Christian Resch, partner at Goldman Sachs, will join Kontakt.io’s Board of Directors to advise on the company’s next stage of growth.

“Clinical staff, the key asset of health systems, must be freed to focus on their single most important job: providing patient care,“ commented Philipp von Gilsa, CEO of Kontakt.io. “Our partnership with Goldman Sachs will help Kontakt.io further expand into AI to orchestrate care delivery resources and processes, putting staff and patients back at the center of care.”

Christian Resch, Partner in Growth Equity at Goldman Sachs Asset Management, said, “Kontakt.io creates exceptional value for its clients by addressing two of healthcare’s current great challenges: Reducing costs and freeing up time of nurses, doctors and other hospital staff. Philipp von Gilsa and his team have built a world-class solution and demonstrated their ability to serve some of the world’s most demanding customers year after year. We see enormous potential in Kontakt.io and are thrilled to help further accelerate Kontakt.io’s expansion and enhance its product offerings.”

Source & Image Credit : Kontakt.io

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