• Adrian Wong

    Dr Adrian Wong is a consultant in Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesia at King's College Hospital, London. Graduating in 2003 from Guys and St Thomas Hospital School of Medicine, he gained MRCP before completion of Intensive Care and Anaesthetic training in 2014 in the Wessex Deanery. His current areas of interest include clinical governance, critical care ultrasound and the use of social media in medical education. He is pursuing a PhD at Vrije University Brussels. He is a member of the Intensive Care Society FUSIC Committee and an examiner for the European Diploma of Intensive Care Medicine. He serves as the chair of the Editorial and Publishing Committee of the ESICM. He is an executive member of the International Fluid Academy.

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    Email —  ******@***mac.com
    Consultant Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesia King’s College Hospital —  London, UK

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  • Beyond the Monitors: Redefining Connection in Intensive Care Family Me

    • 19/04/2024

      Family dynamics in ICU meetings are complex and often affected by emotions, stress, and differing perspectives. Effective communication and collaboration amid family members and healthcare professionals are crucial for steering these dynamics, facilitating shared decision-making, and assuring the best feasible patient’s care .   Introduction Intensive care unit (ICU) teams oft

  • The Future of Critical Care: The Human Capital

    • 14/09/2020

    This article will focus on the non-clinical, human aspects of critical care, namely the patient and the ICU team. The modern concepts of humanising ICU care, the healing environment and future-proofing the ICU team will be discussed. Introduction Despite being a relatively young specialty, critical care has made remarkable progress since its inception during the polio epidemic in...

  • Ultrasound in Times of COVID-19

    • 19/05/2020

    The potential clinical utility of ultrasound modalities in the COVID-19 patient, the limitations, evidence base and governance over point of care ultrasound images during a pandemic and a discussion on whether the hype surrounding Lung Ultrasound (LUS) is justified. Introduction The use of ultrasound outside radiology has already become well established within many of the acute...

  • What COVID-19 Has Taught Me…

    • 19/05/2020

    A personal narrative of Adrian Wong’s experience while battling COVID-19 at King’s College Hospital. These are the author’s personal opinions and do not represent the views of the institution and professional societies to which they belong. T he global COVID-19 pandemic has changed healthcare throughout the world and the specialty of Intensive Care Medicine has never been under such...

  • Thoughts on COVID-19 from the International Fluid Academy

    • 19/05/2020

    An overview of what has been published on fluid strategies in COVID-19, guidelines available and reflections on personal practice. Introduction The global COVID-19 pandemic has sharply focused the attention of the world onto critical care as a specialty. At the moment, there are no proven treatments for COVID-19, although several trials and case series extolling the merits of various...

  • The Future of Critical Care Ultrasound (CCUS)

    • 15/01/2020

    Critical Care Ultrasound (CCUS) has progressed by leaps and bounds, and will continue to push boundaries, with techniques being modified to suit evolving clinical needs and new applications. Introduction With roots traceable to sonar technology developed for underwater listening and submarine detection, the era of medical ultrasound began during the Second World War; the first research...

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    #LIVES2019: Are Printed Journals Obsolete?

    • ICU
    • 30/09/2019

    In an interesting session today @ESICM #LIVES2019 in Berlin, Dr. Adrian Wong, Consultant, Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesia, Royal Surrey County Hospital, UK, presented his views about...

  • Abdominal point-of-care ultrasound in critical care

    • 24/01/2019

    The secrets of the abdomen Overview of abdominal point-of-care ultrasound use in the ICU, potential diagnoses and findings common to the critical care patient population.   The use of point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) in critical care as a diagnostic and monitoring tool is rapidly expanding. While its role in cardiovascular and respiratory assessment is well established (within critical care)


    • 16/10/2018

    Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) is an invaluable tool to differentiate the various types of shock which may co-exist in the critically unwell patient. It is beyond the remit of this article to teach the skill of POCUS. Rather, it provides an overview of how the various POCUS modules could be integrated and utilised in the shocked patient. "A fool with a tool is still a fool" What...

  • Getting Started With Twitter

    • 11/05/2015

    The growth of social media for medical CPD has been astronomical over recent years. More and more healthcare professionals are taking to Twitter to share useful papers and educational resources. The emphasis on encouraging Free Open Access Medical Education (FOAM) is embedded throughout these interactions. We have no intention of reinventing the wheel with this one, but have tried to combine the wealth...

  • Getting Started with Twitter

    • 13/03/2015

    If you want to know how we practised medicine 5 years ago, read a textbook. If you want to know how we practised medicine 2 years ago, read a journal. If you want to know how we practise medicine now, go to a (good) conference. If you want to know how we will practise medicine in the future, listen in the hallways and use FOAM. — From International EM Education Efforts & E-Learning by Joe Lex 2011...

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    Getting Started with Twitter

    The growth of social media for medical CPD has been astronomical over recent years. More and more healthcare professionals are taking to Twitter to share useful papers and educational resources. The...

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