• Robert Alexander Jones-Baro

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    Fisioterapeuta/Esp. Nutrición y Activación Física Hospital Ángeles Lomas Estado de México

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  •  Miguel Angel Martínez-Camacho

    Early Mobilisation in Patients Undergoing Extracorporeal Membrane Oxyg

    • 20/04/2023

    Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation is a resource that is accessible in hospitals and intensive care units all over the world. In serious situations, ECMO therapy is intended to provide haemodynamic and/or ventilatory support. Because of this, many people refer to the ECMO patient as "the most critical patient." As a result, there is a very high likelihood that a critical disease will result in...

  •  Alberto Gómez-González

    POCUS in Critical Care Physiotherapy: Give Me Sight Beyond Sight

    • 08/12/2022

    An overview of the main ultrasonographic tools that allow physiotherapists to improve their evaluation in the critical patient, described through the  mnemonic PHISIO. Introduction Ultrasound is considered to be the fifth pillar of the physical examination to provide and improve patient care (Narula et al. 2018). In critically ill patients, the limited time to make differential diagnoses...

  •  Alberto Gómez-González

    Ten Overlooked Mistakes During Early Mobilisation in the Intensive Car

    • 25/05/2022

    An overview of the most common mistakes in decision making and the practice of early mobilisation in the intensive care unit. Introduction Early mobilisation (EM) is a therapeutic strategy implemented to avoid and overcome impairments developed due to critical illness and ICU stay. Several benefits have been described throughout the literature such as overcoming ICU acquired weakness,...

  •  Robert Alexander Jones-Baro

    The Essentials for a Humanised Intensive Care Unit (H-ICU)

    • 19/04/2021

    This article highlights the key points that fall under the meaning of humanisation as part of the ICU Liberation bundle. Introduction How would a patient describe their stay inside an Intensive Care Unit (ICU)? Would it be cold, lonely, a place full of uncertainty? Painful, uncomfortable or scary? The length of stay (LOS) in the ICU may be the most traumatic experience a person can endure....

  •  Miguel Angel Martínez-Camacho

    Post-Intensive Care Syndrome - A Necessary Harm in the Critically Ill?

    • 24/11/2020

    Critically ill patients can develop a series of complications due to ICU risk factors that may lead to permanent disability. The implementation of strategies to reduce its incidence is essential. N owadays, the possibilities of survival of critically ill patients have grown due to technological and medical advances. This leads to a series of consequences owing to the critical pathology...


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