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Executive Health Management

Harvard and ACS Develop Value Measurement Tool

2019 24 Jul

A new collaboration between the American College of Surgeons (ACS) and Harvard Business School' s (HBS) Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness aims to improve healthcare value. The initiative's ultimate objective is to develop a tool that hospitals can use to better measure quality and cost of care delivery.     Officials from both organisations,... Read more

Executive Health Management

Why is value-based healthcare not saving money?

2018 10 Jul

Amidst rising health costs in the U.S., researchers have examined the role of value-based care and competition in the cost equation. They found that across 900 different markets, value-based payment models had not produced the expected reductions in costs, mainly because many markets have few value-based options available. In addition, many of... Read more

Executive Health Management

Transforming value-based healthcare payment models

2017 08 Dec

Provision of quality care at low cost is at the heart of the new value-based care model. Evidence suggests that value-based contracting has led to a reduction in insurer costs and utilisation, which is why it remains a top strategic consideration for many organisations, according to a report from the Health Care Transformation Task Force (HCTTF).  ... Read more