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Telemedicine: Effectiveness and Impact on Health Systems

2023 10 Feb

Evidence showed that prior to the pandemic, telemedicine when used, was an effective, safe, patient-centred and cost-effective service. As the body of evidence certainly grew since the pandemic, it has emerged that when telemedicine is used inappropriately, it is not anymore deemed effective or cost-effective.   The key is to identify what the... Read more

Executive Health Management

Study Reveals Telemedicine Was Effective for Consulting on Surgeries

2023 27 Jan

According to a study in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons, telemedicine may be as effective as face-to-face visits with regards to shared decision-making and communication for patients expecting first-time surgery.   There were previous concerns regarding whether physicians would be able to effectively communicate with patients remotely,... Read more

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Telemedicine-Driven Programme Fast-Tracks Fertility Treatment

2022 03 Nov

Penn Medicine recently launched a telemedicine driven programme which allows patients to start their treatment faster. The programme, known as Fast Track to Fertility, reduces the time between when patients initially seek support to when they actually receive their first treatment by 50%. This allows them to fast-track the process, drawing them closer... Read more

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Nurses Skills in The Digital Health Era

2022 18 Oct

A scoping review was recently undertaken to evaluate the skills that nurses need mastering to help them cope better with the exponential use of digital technologies in healthcare.   Within this scoping review, the researchers included literature published within a 10-year span, outlining the emerging skills and attitudes nurses are required to... Read more

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Affidea expands, Investing in Outpatient clinic in Italy, Through acquisition of Promea SpA

2022 10 Jan

Affidea , the largest European provider of diagnostic imaging, outpatient and cancer care services continues to invest in Italy and has today announced the 100% acquisition of Promea Center, a renowned outpatient provider in Piedmont region, Italy, specialized in outpatient services, day surgery and genetics. This acquisition is the first... Read more

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Top Three Healthcare Trends for 2022

2022 05 Jan

Forbes recently published three healthcare trends expected to persist in 2022, which companies in the industry should consider to maintain a competitive advantage.   1.       Environment, Sustainability, and Governance Innovation The life science industry often turns to strategic initiatives to bring new therapies to market. To this end, they... Read more

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Empowering Communities to Support Telemedicine and its Business Model

2021 01 Jun

The Telemedicine Community Readiness Tool proves its worth in supporting communities internationally on their journey towards expanded telemedicine use. Key Points Empowering communities, while preparing for long-term telemedicine implementation and use, is vital. It can encourage telemedicine deployment during ongoing waves of the... Read more

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Healthcare 2021: Five Major Trends

2020 27 Nov

As might be expected, the focus of research and technological developments has shifted to tackling the lingering COVID-19 crisis. This includes trialling new vaccines to help prevent the coronavirus spread, developing simple apps for early detection of infection, and building ‘smart cities’ to better respond to future outbreaks.   You might... Read more

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Imperatives for Rebuilding European Healthcare Systems Post-COVID-19

2020 11 May

How European healthcare systems can rebuild in the post-COVID-19 era. The COVID-19 crisis has laid bare the very foundation on which the European healthcare system is based. So many revelations, so many regrets. To bring this into perspective, let us look at some hard numbers. At the time of writing this article, the novel coronavirus had infected... Read more

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Virtual Consultations: Now or Never

2020 11 May

Summary: The use of virtual consultation and telemedicine is expanding rapidly due to the coronavirus crisis. Patients want to avoid hospitals and the health system prefers to keep non-infected patients away from hospitals to reduce congestion. Oliver Wyman consulting ensures that more than 50% of medical appointments worldwide have been provided... Read more