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ICU Management

Current challenges in paediatric sedation

2017 15 Sep

Report of the Primex Pharmaceuticals Symposium, Euroanaesthesia 2017, Geneva, Switzerland, 4 June 2017  Current treatment options and challenges - Dr. K. Becke   Background   An increasing number of diagnostic and treatment procedures are performed outside the operating room. Without sedation even minor procedures such as vaccination... Read more

ICU Management

NICIS - Neurosciences in Intensive Care International Symposium 2017

2017 08 Jun

The vision of   “Neurosciences in Intensive Care International Symposium” (NICIS) is to  accelerate transformative advances  in the care and science of patients with critical illness and neurological injury. NICIS brings together  clinicians and scientists who have  a common aspiration to translate discoveries in the neurosciences into better patient-centered... Read more

ICU Management

ISICEM 2014: Raising Standards of Care in Glucose Management

2014 18 Mar

Edwards Lunch Symposium Thursday, March 20 12.30–13.30 Arc Room (level 3) Improving glycemic control with continuous glucose monitoring Chair : A. Rhodes (London, England) Association between glucose levels and patient outcomes –analysis of a large patient dataset A.Rhodes (London, England) Continuous glucosemonitoring in ICU... Read more