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2014 30 Jan

Consolidating clinical communications, patient-centric workflow and a real-time clinical team directory, a secure smartphone application connects all members of a patient’s care team and enables better patient care at a lower cost. Mobile Heartbeat launches Mobile Heartbeat CURE (Clinical Urgent REsponse), a smartphone application enabling secure...Read more

IMAGING Management


2014 18 Mar

A burning question for radiology is whether the ubiquitous smartphones and tables can be used in clinical practice for image interpretation in radiology. Are they all that is needed? Rachel Toomey from Ireland addressed this question in a refresher course at the recent European Congress of Radiology in Vienna.  Currently handheld devices are...Read more

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2014 01 Jul

Adults who regularly engage in voluntary or prescribed physical activity may still be at risk for obesity if they spend most of their waking hours sitting or reclining. The new “B-Mobile” smartphone app was designed to monitor sedentary behaviours and prompt users to move for short breaks when they have spent too much time sitting still. In a report...Read more

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2014 01 Oct

MobileOptx (PA, USA) has developed an easy-to-use device for attaching endoscopes to smartphones to give clinicians more mobility when they use these medical devices. As most physicians carry smartphones, it is logical to use the devices to capture images—both pictures and video—for later review by supervisors, patients, or for the medical record. The...Read more

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2014 07 Oct

Today, there are numerous apps that allow people to monitor their weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, sugar levels, heart rate, sleep quality and even cancer. Approximately 20 percent of smartphone users have one or more of these applications installed on their mobile devices. It is being projected by 2015, 500 million smartphone users around...Read more

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2014 06 Oct

Researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta (GA, USA) have developed speech-to-text software for Google Glass, allowing hard-of hearing users to converse with others. The "Captioning on Glass" (CoG) software, which provides real-time captioning, requires an Android smartphone paired with Glass to function. A deaf or hard-of-hearing person...Read more

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2014 06 Oct

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced a new guidance for medical device manufacturers with regard to managing cybersecurity risks to better protect patient health and information. The federal agency noted that some medical devices and computer systems can be vulnerable to security breaches, potentially impacting the safety and effectiveness...Read more

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2015 05 Jan

A survey in the U.S. of allied health science educators that included radiologic science programme directors, found that most feel connected to the workplace 24 hours a day through smart device use. A significant number said that their only break from work communications is between midnight and 6am. Being excessively connected to the workplace via...Read more

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2015 29 Jan

Dexcom, Inc. (San Diego, CA) has become the first company to obtain U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pre-market approval for its mobile apps to support continuous glucose monitoring. The new apps are intended to make it easier for care managers and loved ones to closely monitor glucose levels to avoid complications, such as hyperglycaemia, which...Read more

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2015 05 Feb

Researchers at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology are working on a project which will enable smartphones to screen exhaled breath for the presence of disease. When linked with a mobile phone, the breathalyser screening technology developed by Professor Hossam Haick and colleagues will provide a non-invasive, inexpensive and rapid method for...Read more

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2015 30 Mar

Physicians who send text messages to other clinicians using their own smartphones risk the privacy and security of the information they send. However, insisting that they adopt additional gadgets and tools to communicate with other clinicians can prevent a smooth workflow. A secure app that can be downloaded to doctors’ existing devices now provides...Read more

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2015 08 May

University of Houston researchers have found an easy (and inexpensive) way to transform a smartphone into a microscope: an optical lens made of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). The lens, which attaches directly to a smartphone camera lens, can magnify images by a magnitude of 120 — all for just 3 cents a lens. "Our lens can transform a smartphone camera...Read more

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2015 14 Jun

According to a new survey by InCrowd, a Boston-based market intelligence firm, nurses rely more than ever on smartphones for clinical care. The survey was conducted with 241 nurses and showed that 95 percent of the respondents own a smartphone and 88 percent use smartphone apps at work. 52 percent said that they use an app instead of asking a colleague...Read more

Cardiology Management


2015 23 Jun

According to research presented at EHRA EUROPACE – CARDIOSTIM 2015, cardiac device wearers should keep a safe distance from their smartphones in order to avoid any painful shocks or pauses in function. Dr. Carsten Lennerz, first author and cardiology resident in the Clinic for Heart and Circulatory Diseases, German Heart Centre, Munich, Germany,...Read more

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2015 17 Jul

As its name suggests, Figure 1 is a mobile app for sharing images. Medical professionals can upload photos, x-rays, biopsies and other images of their patients' health conditions or disorders. Figure 1, also referred to as “Instagram for doctors", lets colleagues chime in with comments, questions and potential diagnoses. The app was launched in May...Read more

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2015 03 Aug

To prevent noise pollution caused by too much use of the overhead paging system, Inspira Health Network recently launched its Quiet Hospital Initiative. The goal was to reduce the estimated 150 overhead pages a day, improve patient satisfaction and staff morale, and find a better way for clinicians to communicate and share data in real time.    Inspira...Read more

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2015 10 Aug

The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) has released a mobile security guide which is specifically written for safeguarding medical information. The 82-page handbook offers healthcare organisations insights on how to improve mHealth cybersecurity via open-source or commercial tools. The guide currently in draft form is awaiting public...Read more

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2019 08 Jun

Renowned cardiologist and Director of the Scripps Translational Science Institute Eric Topol believes that the future of medicine will include doctors making appointments with patients.  There was a time in healthcare when patients were dependent on doctors for medical tests. However, Dr. Topol believes that the future will not be so. Instead,...Read more

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2016 02 Mar

According to an article published in JAMA Internal Medicine, a blood pressure smartphone app delivered inaccurate results in a small study. The findings suggest that more than three quarters of people who use these apps and who have hypertensive BP levels may be getting false reassurance that their blood pressure is under control. The app - Instant...Read more

ICU Management


2017 30 Apr

Technology has affected all aspects of our lives. And Critical Care Medicine is no different. This technology revolution has led to the development of many apps that are used by both patients and professionals. Here is an overview of technological advancements and medical applications that have had significant impact on Critical Care Medicine: See...Read more

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2018 18 May

Several high-definition neuroendoscopes are commercially available, which have been valuable for achieving optimal results in less invasive surgery, but the smartphone revolution has now presented advanced technology and methodology. The integration of smartphone technology into endoscopy for performing minimally invasive neurosurgery is one of...Read more

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2019 27 Mar

Siemens Healthineers and Heart Center in Portugal partner for improved care continuum Red Cross Hospital in Lisbon opens one of the most modern heart centres in Portugal  Siemens Healthineers will provide a digital service solution including clinical workflow design, management of the medical equipment and strategic consulting...Read more

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2019 26 Aug

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2019 03 Sep

The Internet of Things (IoT) means all sorts of devices we use today, be it at home or in the workplace, are practically linked/connected to each other or to a network. While such connectivity leads to improved efficiency in what we do (eg, smartphones for fast communication), security experts warn that the IoT puts these connected devices at...Read more

Cardiology Management


2022 15 Feb

Blood clots help stop bleeding in case of an injury. However, blood clots in patients with issues like mechanical heart valves or other heart conditions can lead to a stroke or heart attack. That is why millions of people use blood-thinning medications such as warfarin to make it harder for blood to clot. Patients using warfarin need to be tested...Read more

Cardiology Management


2022 25 Oct

Physical activity is associated with mortality risk. Several studies have shown that people who engage in more moderate-to-vigorous activity and are less sedentary have lower mortality rates. These findings have been further confirmed in meta-analyses in which activity sensors record total activity and statistical models predict mortality risk using...Read more

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2023 20 Nov

A team has discovered a method to test for Type 2 diabetes by having individuals speak into their smartphones.   Using an Al model developed by a U.S. team from Klick Labs, a person speaking into their smartphone for as little as 10 seconds can be tested for Type 2 diabetes. The test reveals an accuracy rate of 89% for women and 86% for men....Read more