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ICU Management

Nighttime Intensivist Staffing

2019 03 Jul

The work hours and sleep schedules of physicians who have completed training have seldom been studied. But there is ample evidence that suggests that sleep deprivation can cause errors in decision-making even in easy and familiar circumstances. Keeping in mind that the critical care setting is usually quite stressful, long working hours and sleep... Read more

ICU Management

How Circadian Disruption Affects ICU Patients

2016 20 Dec

While circadian dysrhythmias in ICUs exist — expressed mainly as sleep deprivation, delirium incidence, and immunosuppression — hospitals have not taken adequate measures to overcome factors that lead to sleep disturbance, according to a review to appear in Journal of Critical Care. The manuscript is already available online, following acceptance for... Read more

ICU Management

Sleep Loss Hinders Decision-Making in High-Risk Situations

2015 12 May

Results of a new study, reported in the journal Sleep , provide a new understanding of how sleep deprivation can lead doctors, first responders, military personnel and others in a crisis situation to make catastrophic decisions. For the first time, researchers at Washington State University created a laboratory experiment that simulates how sleep... Read more