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ICU Management

11th Annual Johns Hopkins Critical Care Rehabilitation Conference 2022

2022 02 Nov

Live Virtual format (via Zoom webinar): Nov. 2-5, 2022 Unlimited On-Demand format: Oct. 20 - Dec. 19, 2022 Find Johns Hopkins on Social Media Read more

Executive Health Management

2019 11 Jun

The name of one of Mike Biselli’s most recent projects, ‘Catalyst HTI’ explicitly sums up the man. An innovator and hugely successful entrepreneur who is making big changes within the US health industry. Mike has excelled as a former collegiate athlete and scholar at Stanford University. After graduation, he worked for several medical device companies... Read more

Cardiology Management

How architectural design is breaking down healthcare silos

2018 22 Sep

Jacobs Institute idea to Reality (i2R) Centre addresses major health crisis. A medical innovation centre shows how a one-stop-shop approach to CVD medical device creation is accelerating impactful results for all stakeholders. There is a global health crisis in cardiovascular disease that will require out-of-the-box thinking, collaborations,... Read more