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IT Management

Benefits of Automated Scheduling

2020 12 Nov

‘Manual’ scheduling in healthcare is still very common leading to inefficient time-management and loss in revenues. Automating a scheduling system may help manage cancellations more efficiently and decrease the income lost.   You might also like: Virtual vs. In-Person Care During Pandemic   Digitalisation, and... Read more

Executive Health Management

2018 28 Nov

By now, everyone is familiar with the impact that a shortage of nurses has on healthcare organisations. In any hospital, nurses are one of the highest budget components, and not just because of absolute employee numbers. Excessive overtime and the stress associated with it increases costs twice: first with the increased rate of pay, and second with... Read more

ICU Management

Sphere Medical Introduces Trend Graphs & Scheduling to Proxima™

2017 20 Mar

New Proxima blood testing functionality for enhanced critical care patient management highlighted at ISICEM 2017 Proxima™ bedside blood gas, electrolyte and metabolite analyser now with Trend Graphs.     Sphere Medical , an innovative company in critical care monitoring and diagnostics equipment,... Read more

IT Management

Robot Helps Tricky Nurse Scheduling

2016 18 Jul

A team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) is taking the role of robots in healthcare beyond the current norm of instructing them with commands. MIT thinks this model will soon change with the development of robots that advise hospital staff on decision-making. A research... Read more

Executive Health Management

Nurses Need Festive Cheer Too

2015 28 Dec

The holiday season is generally a time to celebrate but with the celebration, it also brings stress and anxiety. The season is especially stressful for healthcare providers as nobody - both healthcare workers and patients - do not want to spend their holidays in the hospital.  An article in Becker's Hospital Review highlights the need for hospitals... Read more

IT Management

Predictive Analytics Can Improve Surgery Schedules and Readmissions

2015 30 Mar

An entrepreneur has raised $7 million from investors to expand a predictive analytics software platform for hospitals and large surgical centres. Rich Krueger, CEO of Patient Route Systems, said in a recent interview with MedCity News that the goal of the predictive analytics tool is to help analysts and department heads within health systems to detect... Read more

Executive Health Management

Shift Work Impairs Cognition Over Time

2014 13 Nov

An irregular work schedule can negatively influence health and socialisation due to a disruption of normal circadian rhythms. New research explored the impact of long-term shift work on cognition, and found that workers who were exposed to frequently changing schedules or odd work hours for more than ten years showed signs of cognitive impairment equal... Read more