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Executive Health Management

Patients' Rude Behaviour Linked to Poor Care

2017 24 Jan

Rude behaviour of patients and their relatives can have negative effects on the performance of medical teams resulting in poor care, according to a study by University of Florida researchers. While much has been written about the need to put an end to some doctors’ rude and bullying behaviour, the new study shows the need for patients and families... Read more

Executive Health Management

Rudeness at Work- Don't Pass it On

2015 11 Dec

Findings by psychologists at Lund University in Sweden shows that workplace rudeness is one of the primary reasons for dissatisfaction at work and such unpleasant behaviour is likely to spread if it is not controlled.  The findings show that there is a need to take workplace incivility seriously. Rudeness in this particular context refers to behaviour... Read more

Executive Health Management

Rudeness Damages Medical Staff Performance

2015 14 Sep

A new Tel Aviv University study published in Pediatrics shows that rudeness can affect hospital staff's diagnostic and professional performance. The results suggest that even the most benign forms of impoliteness may impede medical personnel's ability to perform under pressure and damage the quality of patient care, according to researchers. "While... Read more