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Tweet, like, follow – radiology goes viral

2018 18 Dec

Most of us virtually ‘live’ on social media. Twitter , Facebook , Instagram , LinkedIn and other platforms are where most of us digitally communicate with each other and the world at large.  Social media is perhaps the greatest opportunity doctors have to better communicate with their patients, help educate the next generation of physicians around... Read more

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Advanced Breast Cancer Screening Course

2019 18 Nov

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For referring physicians, radiology reports are 'clinically unhelpful'

2018 14 Aug

It is through a radiology report that the radiologist communicates imaging findings and recommendations to the referring clinician. Radiology reports, in addition to being produced quickly, are written following a structured format, i.e., each report contains the same elements in the same places. They also contain all information necessary for... Read more

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Understanding the role of community-based academic radiologists

2018 08 Aug

The practice of radiology has historically ranged along the continuum of community-based private practice and academic practice. However, as academic radiology practices expand into the community, the lines that have historically distinguished the academic from private practice radiologist are becoming increasingly blurred, according to an article... Read more

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Improving radiology resident training for independent call

2018 11 Jul

Radiology residents at many teaching hospitals have a relatively short period to acquire the substantial amount of information necessary to safely interpret studies independently. Independent call is important for a radiologist to develop properly. However, preparing radiology residents for this duty is a daunting task given the scope and variety... Read more

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Improving imaging experience through patient-centred communication

2018 12 Jun

Direct communication between radiologist and patient is an area which has long been a deficiency for the field of radiology. There have been a number of barriers to effective radiologist patient communication including logistical challenges, a negative impact on efficiency, and uncertainty of the role of the radiologist in discussing results with... Read more

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2018 01 May

I find this question particularly interesting. This is the phrase I use to define my Twitter profile, @Vilavaite . I really believe analysing reality with the sight of a radiologist has distinctive features.   First, we radiologists see beyond the surface of things. We are used to seeing the inside of our patients' bodies and in... Read more

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Improving Radiologist Workstation Disinfection Rate

2017 17 Apr

A University of Ottawa study describes how the implementation of daily reminder placards at each workstation and the administration of an educational PowerPoint presentation improved the rate of radiologist workstation disinfection. The study is in press in Canadian Association of Radiologists Journal. See Also : Teaching Communication Skills... Read more

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PET/CT for the General Radiologist Organised by the BIR Scottish Branch

2017 07 Jun

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Improving Interpretation of Initial ED Ultrasound

2017 26 Feb

The need for further imaging studies may be avoided when initial emergency department (ED) ultrasound examinations are interpreted by a radiologist than a nonradiologist, according to a new study by the Harvey L. Neiman Health Policy Institute. The findings are published in Journal of the American College of Radiology. See Also: Radiologists... Read more