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Becoming a Good Radiologist

2023 02 Mar

The role and the environment can determine what makes a good radiologist. Personal character will help to determine the career path a radiologist will follow. For example, a radiologist who deals with mainly acute cases is often forced to make fast decisions and this requires having a pragmatic personality. Whereas a radiologist who deals with elective... Read more

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#ECR2022: Listen to Your Patients

2022 14 Jul

In an interesting session at the European Congress of Radiology this week, the speakers highlighted the importance of listening to patients, improving communication between radiographers and patients and considering the patient perspective. Understanding that patients have a personal, individual view on the quality of the provided service in a radiology... Read more

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CAR 2022 Annual Scientific Meeting

2022 06 Apr

Find Canadian Association Of Radiologists On Social Media Read more

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Easy-to-Use AI System for Radiologists for COVID-19 Assessment from CT-Scans

2021 25 May

Researchers have revealed a novel AI-based system for automated lung-lobe segmentation, that can achieve both COVID-19 identification and lesion categorisation from CT scans, which is key to evaluating damage to the lungs and making a prognosis.   This first-of-its-kind AI-powered pipeline, based on the deep-learning paradigm, uses a new segmentation... Read more

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How Do You Really Feel about AI in Medicine?

2021 24 May

A survey  conducted during a 2019 meeting for AI, eHealth, and IT infrastructure, aimed to assess participants’ attitudes on artificial intelligence (AI) and its future impact on radiological work. Investigators utilised the Kruskal-Wallis test to identify differences between a group of 123 radiologists, IT specialists, and industry representatives.... Read more

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Unifi™ Analytics - Leveraging Business Insights

2021 18 Apr

Speakers  Martin Wan Associate Product Director Hologic Laura Sanhueza-Miller Director of Customer Success Hologic Read more

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Enterprise Imaging and the Role of the Radiologist

2020 20 Oct

In a recent presentation, Dr. Cheryl Petersilge, President and Founder of Vidagos, an enterprise imaging strategy firm, shared her insights as to why radiologists need to take the lead in Enterprise Imaging and also add more value to their role in the clinical process. Dr. Petersilge is a leader in imaging and an innovative engineer. She has significant... Read more

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Why Should Enterprise Imaging Matter To The Radiologist?

2020 15 Oct

A must read. Dr. Petersilge is an imaging leader and an Enterprise Imaging pioneer. In a recent presentation, Dr. Petersilge shared her insights in why radiologists should take the lead as health organizations embark on their Enterprise Imaging journey. And by consequence take up a more value-added role in the clinical process, for the sake of the... Read more

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A Gentle Warning

2020 29 Jan

Summary: Professor Stephen Baker provides an overview on how artificial intelligence is challenging the role of a radiologist. Over the past five years, I have been fascinated by the impress of artificial intelligence (AI) on the current practice of medicine and the exciting prospects it offers for the near future. The power of big data has... Read more