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Executive Health Management

2021 29 Jun

Find MENA Pharmaceutical Manufacturing On Social Media Read more

Executive Health Management

2015 16 Jul

EKF Diagnostics , the global  in vitro  diagnostics company, announces the appointment of a number of senior personnel to key new roles to drive new product introductions. Craig Wilson joins as Global Director of Product Development, Process and Governance, and Yvonne Middlefell has taken up the role of Global Director of Quality Assurance and Regulatory...Read more

Health Management

2014 08 Nov

Author Thomas Schönbeck Vice President Of Global Sales & Marketing at RTI Electronics, Sweden Note: This article is part of the “Point-of-View” partner programme.   Interview with Thomas Sch ö nbeck, Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing at RTI Electronics, Sweden   One of the...Read more

IMAGING Management

2014 15 Sep

Patient safety and quality assurance remains a key topic for the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology Society of Europe (CIRSE). A session at the congress in Glasgow today featured four speakers to emphasise that patient safety and quality assurance are mandatory, doable at European and institutional level. “Quality assurance is everyone’s...Read more

Executive Health Management

2014 25 Apr

Closing Conference of the InterQuality Project: Since December 2010, the InterQuality project investigates the effects of financing systems on the quality of healthcare. The knowledge gained from the 4-year research provides input for European countries to choose the right financing mechanisms in different areas of their healthcare systems, according...Read more

Health Management

2013 28 Nov

Authors Prof. Roberto Grassi Radiology Dept. Second University of Naples, Naples, Italy Dr.   Francesca Iacobellis Radiology Dept. Second University of Naples, Naples, Italy [email protected]   Teleradiology consists of the electronic transmission of radiologic images...Read more