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Executive Health Management

ID (Infectious Diseases) Week 2019

2019 02 Oct

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Health Management

Obstacles to establishing competence in radiology

2018 21 Aug

Competence in radiology: difficult to define, more difficult to establish. Since the publication of McClelland's 1973 work (McClelland 1973), it is assumed that knowledge does not always imply better performance in the profession, and that competence is a complex concept, in which many factors are involved (Mendiratta-Lala et al.... Read more

Executive Health Management

Ayushman Bharat - India's National Health Protection Mission

2018 23 May

Effective implementation of Ayushman Bharat - India’s National Health Protection Mission (AB-NHPM) will largely depend on ensuring that the package of services prioritised under the National Health Protection Scheme is based on community needs, evidence-based, well governed and inclusive.   There is arguably no aspect of social policy more complex... Read more

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Hugo Saner

2018 20 Feb

Top Quote from Blog How does a local heart foundation benefit research and public health? “ With a local heart foundation we saw that—when local cardiologists are actively involved on the board of such a foundation—we can have further impact on cardiovascular health in the region.” See more at: Read more

Executive Health Management

International Growth & Development Conference - IGDC 2018

2018 14 Mar

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Executive Health Management

11th European Public Health Conference 2018

2018 28 Nov

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Cardiology Management

2017 20 Jul

HerzstiftungOlten is a local foundation connected to the Swiss Heart Foundation. I initiated the foundation of the Herzstiftung Olten 25 years ago. I realised, that a national organisation has difficulty to reach people on the ground. National heart foundations are usually supporting cardiovascular research and besides are active in making... Read more