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Executive Health Management

COVID-19: Immunity-Based Strategies are ‘Flawed’

2020 16 Oct

Public health measures aiming to achieve ‘herd immunity’ are criticised by a multidisciplinary group of researchers who call it "a dangerous fallacy unsupported by the scientific evidence".   You might also like: Global COVID-19 Response: “A Collective Failure”   In the John Snow Memorandum , an open letter published in The... Read more

IT Management

Applying ML to Study India’s COVID-19 Policies

2020 24 Sep

The nudge theory is known to be useful in effecting behaviour change. Using the nudge of ‘nationalism’ in the fight against COVID 19, the government of India was able to motivate its large population to abide by lockdown rules and basic health protocols (e.g. wearing of face masks and frequent handwashing).   You might also like: AI Tool... Read more

Executive Health Management

Global COVID-19 Response: “A Collective Failure”

2020 15 Sep

The Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB) has released its second report ‘A World in Disorder,’ in which it harshly criticises the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic.   You might also like: Assessing COVID-19 Response   Created in 2017 and formally launched in 2018, the GPMB is an independent monitoring and accountability... Read more

Executive Health Management

Lockdowns and Reopenings: Local vs. Larger-Scale

2020 10 Sep

Lockdowns and other restrictive measures (e.g. travel curbs) have been imposed by governments as a means to control coronavirus spread in their jurisdictions. New research from Canada provides insights on effective strategies for reopening when the number of cases is on the decline.   You might also like: Containing COVID-19 in EU: Uncoordinated... Read more

Executive Health Management

Considerable Gaps with UHC

2020 02 Sep

Universal health coverage (UHC) means enabling all people to receive necessary healthcare services without experiencing financial burden. A new study (GBD 2019 Universal Health Coverage Collaborators 2020) has assessed progress on UHC effective coverage for 204 countries and territories over the past three decades (1990 to 2019).   You might... Read more

Executive Health Management

Factors Impacting COVID-19 Data Reporting

2020 24 Jul

Up-to-date information on COVID-19 incidence and mortality provides guidance on public health response to the pandemic. New research from the U.S. has specifically examined periodic fluctuations in new daily cases and mortality data, finding that such "oscillations" are due to many factors such as daily variation in testing and possible biases... Read more

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Pandemic Legal Database

2020 23 Jul

COVID-19 spurred a vast increase in urgent legislative action directed at controlling the disease. However, poor design, implementation or enforcement of legal frameworks can do harm and impede efforts to end the pandemic. A new initiative has been launched to ensure that laws protect individual and public health and wellbeing.   You... Read more

Executive Health Management

Containing COVID-19 in EU: Uncoordinated Efforts Don’t Bring Results

2020 02 Jul

Countries in Europe have started easing drastic lockdown measures, implemented in February-March 2020, as the number of COVID-19 cases in their jurisdictions decline. However, relaxation needs to be coordinated in order to stop community transmission and avoid new COVID-19 outbreaks.   You might also like: Mobility, Connectivity... Read more